[Video] Samsung S8+ Unboxing Adventure – Trinidad Tech YouTuber


It is 815 am. It is dark and spooky and a lot of rain. I have to travel to Belmont to collect the S8 for review. It is going to be an adventure. Good afternoon Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the internet and welcome to my unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Thank you Samsung Trinidad for providing this review unit. I only have one take at this unboxing. Hope it comes out good.

Such stunning packaging. The specifications are on the back.

Dual pixel
Water and dust resistant
64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM
Wireless charging capable
Beautiful Quad HD+ Super AMOLED
The colour is midnight black

Let’s take a look at what is in the box.

The phone of course. Let me set that aside.
Here we have the SIM ejection tool and documentation
Then the charging brick
USB to USB type C connector and micro USB to USB type C connector
Charging cable
Awesome headphones which are tuned by AKG
Replacement buds

Let me turn on the phone now. WOW – This is LOVE at first sight. I picked up the wrong clear view cover. This one is for the S8. Will get that exchanged.

[Video] 11 Features In The Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creator Update


Good day Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the internet. Today I want to demonstrate 11 useful features of Windows 10 Creators Update. This is how this update was described in their announcement

“We believe that everyone is a creator at heart and that creativity is an essential human trait. And, no matter who you are, Windows 10 is built to empower the creator in all of us.”

• Picture in Picture Mini View

For apps that support this feature (like the video player), you can minimise that app in a mini window that stays above your active windows.


• Night light

Search for night light in settings. Night light is designed to show warmer colours and reduce blue light to reduce eye strain and help you sleep better. You have the option of scheduling when night light comes on. Created this illustration to give you an idea of what it looks like because screen recording does not capture this.


• Paint 3D

Search for Paint 3D in the start menu. Create 3D objects and scenes with a simple to use interface. With the Remix 3D community you can share your creations or repurpose shared creations.


• Custom colours under personalisation

We are no longer limited to specific colours for the desktop background or window accents.


• Privacy dashboard

Setup now includes a privacy dashboard that is simple and easy to understand. These settings can also be changed later in Settings. This is designed to make us comfortable that we have control of what we share with Microsoft and third parties.


• A new Windows Defender Security Center

This is described as a new experience that is easier for you to view and control the security protections you choose


• Dynamic Lock

For dynamic lock to work you need to first pair your phone with your computer. Once your phone is not within bluetooth range your computer automatically locks within a minute or so. You can test this by turning off bluetooth on your phone and waiting.


• Start menu folders

You can now group tiles into folders just like you could have on windows phone


• Storage sense

The options are limited but I expect it will be expanded in the future. This allows Windows to automatically free up disk space.

• Troubleshoot menu

Now you have access to the troubleshooting dialogs from settings without being prompted to run them.

• Windows + G and screen capture

Not new to Windows Creator but worth a mention here. Simply press the Windows key and G and the Gaming Bar appears. You can use it to quickly video record a screen with mic audio although it does make you check that it is a game being recorded.


I have links to Microsoft’s website for most of these features in the description below. Remember you can easily find settings by doing a search in settings.

Software used to create video – Vegas movie studio
OBS Studio for screen capture

Side note – Wanted to record some screens in Virtual Box but discovered that there was no option to boot from USB. You have to hack it.

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[Video] Random Stuff


Good morning Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Internet. My mind told me to do this video this morning to keep my channel going. It is good practice too.

• One of my last Huawei videos has gotten almost one thousand views. I sort of feel like a bite up shilling.
• I am waiting to get my hands on an S8 so I can give you the good stuff. I imagine the photos and videos coming out of that would be sweet like condense milk.
• How do you like my haircut? I cut it myself.
• I am fasting these days and I am managing well. I am labeling this as discipline and progress.
• Question. Do you think we should have a local IT professional grouping, similar to the law association
of Trinidad and Tobago, where (among other things) we vote on key issues?
• Two Fridays ago I interviewed for a job. I think I did ok. The one question that got me was about website performance tools. Something I need to research.
• Question I came across on LinkedIn. What are your top tips for staying calm during a crisis at work. I decided to answer with an acronym. CALM. Compromise. Attention to detail. Listen and Mobilise.
• I would like to plug my tech blog – TheTechRemix.com – A lot of my time and effort and passion is put into each blog post.
• Nothing about Goolge I/O this year excited me. Did anything excite you?
• Interesting article heading I came across – “Is technology making our children developmentally slower?” I would say emphatically not. Tech would not do that. Our tech and other habits might do that.
• Finally I would like to end with some motivational words – Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

Huawei P9 lite Review


In the box – phone, charging brick, cable and headphones.

Some key features of this device

LTE Capable
5.2 inch IPS LCD screen
13 megapixel f/2.0 autofocus camera
3000 milliampere battery

Let’s take a look at the build.

Beautiful screen. I wish the glass protector was smoother when swiping. Strong metal frame with chamfered edges. Thin and lightweight with non-removable battery and back. Headphone jack and nano SIM card. Mono speaker. According to Huawei’s website, “It features a number of innovative hardware upgrades showcased in a cutting-edge slim design.”

Some key notes from my review.

More than four hours screen on time and full days use.
Finger print reader center and away from camera.
I wish there was a sorted app draw.
Camera takes decent photos but not as good as a flagship.

In summary I would say the following about this device

Value for money with room for improvement.
Slim and beautiful design that is comfortable in the hands.
Smooth and responsive OS

Let’s see what other reviews had to say about this device

A mid-range gem from Huawei
Solid middle-tier smartphone without much in the way of fancy extras.
Affordable phone that focuses on style as much as substance.

If you had to choose a colour, what would you choose? White, black or gold.

Did you know? The name Huawei roughly translates to ‘Chinese achievement’

Thank you for watching or reading this review and thank you to Huawei Trinidad Office for providing these review units.
My main focus is quality. In the absence of all the needed resources I experiment and make improvements where I can.
I am passionate about technology and blogging and making tech videos.
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Finally. We need more tech bloggers and tech YouTubers in Trinidad and the Caribbean. Maybe I can inspire someone to start a tech blog or YouTube channel.