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Working from home in Trinidad and Tobago

Today I asked this question on reddit - Your thoughts on making - work from home - more of a thing in TT? This reminded of a blog post from the archives on the topic of work from home that I am sharing agian. I think that for many classes of workers in Trinidad and Tobago, work from home is needed and doable and comes with many benefits. The technology is there.

From archive, FEB 2019

I ended up commenting on a LinkedIn post the other day and I find myself repeating myself because it is important. Too much burden is placed on job seekers and employees when they are in the compromising position. Employers and decision makers have the upper hand and should recognise this and use this for the betterment of employees and job seekers. Better employees, better work, better company, better return on investment. What is not to like?

Below was my comment

You are missing major pieces in this statement, EAP, wellness program, employee survey, performance evaluation, employee training, mentoring, flexi-time, work from home, incentives, job rotation, among other things. From my experience companies can be static and hard and fast. Put employees in the right positions with the needed tools and resources and treat employees like partners and watch the magic happen. Employees should not be treated like commodities. Employers have the upper hand so I would not put most of the burden on the struggling employees. Further, the system/employers/HR have created an environment of “fighting for position”.

Now, I would like to extract a piece of that and that is work from home. I ended up with a stream of replies to my twitter post from last night's #DevDiscuss chat and wanted to highlight some points made (paraphrased and edited by me). My tweet got 61,000 impressions, 119 comments, 97 likes and 10 retweets (at this time).

  • A mix of home and office, office so I can deal with the people stuff
  • Office for the human touch and physical social and other interactions
  • Home because my desk setup is better
  • Working from home makes me lazy
  • Work from home when there are emergencies and issues at home
  • Closed office, no open floor plan
  • Focus and productivity is better at home
  • Working from home more cost effective and better for the environment
  • Home doesn't have to be home. It can be the coffee shop, your vacation home in Timbuktu, on the beach under an umbrella, in a fete
  • Home is safer and less stressful
  • Home is more flexible, I can work in the night when it is quiet and nice
  • Too much wasted hours in commuting
  • Office space is too noisy, distracting and filled with interruptions
  • Office because that is how I can separate work and life and get some balance
  • People management [for me] is harder from home
  • My office has a nice city view (I feel you but your home can too)
  • Office hours are exhausting and not productive
  • Chaotic work places need your physical presence

The tweet that stood out the most to me was this one,

I prefer a quiet office. But I want everyone to be allowed to use what they prefer – Dirk Jackel

In conclusion, that is the way forward, persons should have the option, no one shoe fits all. So time to move beyond the back and forth banter and start rolling out the option for work from home, is what I would say.