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My Takeaways from the TTIGF 2020 Forum

Recap from last 2 years

The hashtag for this year's event was #TTIGF2020. Thanks to the organisers for this event and the convenience of the live stream. Below are my notes and takeaways from this years event. Much of it is my paraphrasing.

This years theme was “ensuring the internet's future”. In my mind we have to decide what we want the future of the internet to look like and what we want it to NOT look like. Example of this is internet regulation. Special effort was made to get the youth involved seeing that we are talking about the future.

Panel - Fake News & its impact on You

  • We need to start with a good definition of fake news.
  • The internet is the newer medium and an enabler. It is much easier to publish and share now. The question is one of authority.
  • Question the sources of your information. Check and verify what you share.
  • How does our like for gossip fuel the spread of fake news?
  • We have to be careful not to penalise the internet and social media. These are just tools.
  • Then we have to be careful not to threaten freedom of speech and freedom of journalism.

Panel - Data hosting: locally or internationally

  • Local hosting is billed in local currency and this is a huge advantage for many.
  • Costing, scaling and expertise are some advantages of foreign hosting and depending on the scenario.
  • There are legal requirements that state that certain data must reside locally.
  • Consideration should be paid to communication of data and not just the hosting.
  • Trinidad and Tobago has a cloud policy yet to be passed.

My questions and comments

  • Why have one law for spreading misinformation in the real world and one for online? Both should be treated with the same law. We probably already have laws that apply to fake news and defamation and the likes wherever that happens.
  • We should be making data driven decisions. What do the stats on local hosted vs foreign hosted breaches and incidents tell us? Where has a better reputation and history? Can we see the numbers and analysis?
  • I would like to see tech as a core subject. Just like we say street smarts is important, tech smarts is important. Part of me is saying that tech allows you to self educate and not depend greatly on the system.

Topics from the youth led collaborative workshops

  • The good, bad and potential of online communities
  • Big tech
  • Encrypting data
  • IT for clean energy
  • Social media and you
  • Internet pollution