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bmobile 5G Launch in Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT and Huawei)

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT : Today bmobile launched their 5G proof of concept. 5G is the fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity and promises speed, coverage and stability

I got a media invite to attend the launch and demo. The invite stated that “TSTT, in collaboration with its strategic partner, Huawei Technologies (T&T) Limited, will be ushering Trinidad and Tobago into the future, with the Launch of its 5G Proof of Concept—a ground-breaking event that is poised to change the way we live and work.”

The invite email went on to list some advantages of 5G.

This launch came as no surprise as we in the tech space have seen the headlines from the past year. The conversation has already started online, like these comments on twitter.

“It's time for Trinidad to get 5G mobile data already… we are lagging so far behind.”

“5G speeds look absolutely amazing and it saddens me that Trinidad will probably take like 5+ years to get even close to that technology”

Then a thread and this poll on Trinituner. Most persons cannot imagine 5G being available in Trinidad anytime soon.

This is great news for us. Anything that advances and supports the tech space in Trinidad and Tobago has my support.

(UPDATE : They are starting with fixed wireless broadband and not mobile handsets, residential and business. They are using 2500 mid range band. No other spectrum [at launch] has been assigned for FWA.)