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Animated Images Using Pure HTML and CSS

Came across this question on twitter today and my interest was piqued.

Anyone feel like sharing their favorite conference talks from this year? #CodeNewbie @virengb

So I went across to YouTube to see what has been happening in that space recently and came across this nice talk – Paint the Web with CSS – Eva Lettner @ WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017. It was short, fun, educational and telling. My key takeaways were

  1. Make the web a better and more beautiful place
  2. Learning can and should be fun
  3. It is not recommended to do this in production as you are better off using SVG graphics
  4. The internet is full of opportunities to learn and to share what you know

So I decided to put this to practice. I created a scene where the Trinidad flag is raised, the sun rises and then sets behind the northern range, and then the flag is lowered. I am missing a man walking across to handle the flag though. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. My code which has not been tested thoroughly is here. The recorded animation is below on my YouTube channel.

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TTEC Mobile App – My Screen Mockups

Got the news today that TTEC launched their mobile app. Good job and it does provide a number of key functionality. However, the first thing that enters my mind is that the UI looks like it is from the dark ages ( pun intended ). I went looking for the apps from other power companies in big countries to compare to and found that (for the ones I looked at) the UI was similarly old fashion. I decided to do some mockups to show what I think a modern mobile app could look like. Took me less than 2 hours to get this done using Let me know what tool you would recommend for mockups and what you think about their UI and my mockups below. Link to app is here.

Home screen (my mockup)
1.1-Screen 1

Report a problem screen (my mockup)
2.1-Screen 2

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Press Release : bmobile joins businesses to light a Spark at Career Fair

bmobile and other local businesses played host to hundreds of secondary school students from south Trinidad as the students got the opportunity to explore a wide range of careers and tertiary education options during the Spark Education Career Fair at the National Energy Skills Center (NESC), Ste Madeleine Campus recently.

At the spacious NESC Auditorium, excited pupils visited multiple booths led by their respective Human Resource teams. Students were also given sound advice on various tertiary level programmes which would assist in their journey towards securing the right job.

At the bmobile booth, youngsters were pleasantly surprised at the range of professions involved in running a multi-billion- dollar telecom leader, and animatedly conversed with representatives on possible career options. As an added bonus, participants were given the opportunity to see how virtual reality technology was being used for education and entertainment. Utilising the impressive Samsung Virtual Reality (Oculus), students took an immersive journey through several three-dimensional simulations and were awestruck.

NESC student, Rogrick Stafford, took part in one of the simulations and was blown away by the real-life gaming experience. “It’s the first time that I’ve tried VR and it’s amazing. It’s like you’ve actually become the character in the game. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this before,” he said.

“The Career Fair is a great avenue for young men and women to start a conversation about how they want to make a difference in their lives,” stated Camille Campbell, Vice President of Marketing at TSTT. “We opted to introduce them to not only future career opportunities, but also to one of the latest technologies in entertainment. It’s a pleasure for us to interact with students as they seek both academic and career development guidance.”

Other booths at the Career Fair were also abuzz with activity. At the T & T Civil Aviation Authority booth, fascinated students tested their flying skills via a special flight simulator, while the tertiary associations were flooded with teenagers exploring advanced academic pathways.

Sixteen-year- old Marabella North Secondary student, Trevon Jackson, who took part in the flight simulation, described his experience, “I never thought about being a pilot but experiencing this simulator has expanded my options. It’s a bit tricky to get accustomed because I didn’t make the landing, but I’m glad I tried it.”

Other exhibitors included Petrotrin, Republic Bank, SporTT , UWI, COSTAATT, UTT, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, MIC Institute of Technology, ACCA, JobsTT and NESC.

Co-founder of Spark Education, Safia Bulhan, expressed pleasure with the high turnout of young people seeking opportunities. She urged pupils to capitalise on the information being shared and use it as a head start towards career growth.

“Students must know what type of education and training to take,” Bulhan mentioned. “Creating this forum of employers and schools coming together gives both parties a good chance at expanding their options and finding the right employer/employee. Even the exhibitors here have been pleased with the feedback they’re getting from these young professionals. It’s definitely a success.”

Bulhan was also highly intent on hosting this event annually with the sole intention of bridging the gap between educator, employer and employee. Day-one of the Career Fair was held at the Civil Aviation Authority Training Centre in Piarco, on Tuesday October 31.