My Movie Reviews

Whenever I watch a movie in cinema I tweet a one line review. I have collected them and I am posting them here. I will update this post as I watch more movies.

Movie Twitter Review Score/10 Date Seen
Lion Tearful and thought provoking. Must see. 10 2-Dec-2016
Girl On The Train Weird and disjointed and full of suspense until the end. 8 12-Oct-2016
Masterminds Sometimes you just need a good laugh and this movie will give you that. 7 2-Oct-2016
Captain America, Civil War Great storyline. Had my attention until the end. 10 6-May-2016
Batman vs Superman I wanted to be amazed. I was not. I would still go see the next one. 7 10-Apr-2016
Deadpool A good girl will turn you into a hero. Awesome and then the laughs. 10 27-Feb-2016
Spectre It was OK but just that. 6 14-Nov-2015
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials A big let down for me. More so because I rated part 1 highly. Let’s see what happens in part 3. 4 24-Sep-2015
The Transporter Refueled Wish it had me guessing some more. The idea behind the main character made it enjoyable. 7 13-Sep-2015
MI Rogue Nation I cannot deny or confirm anything that was seen today. 10 31-Aug-2015
Inside Out I thought I would be too old for this movie but it was really good. Just brilliant and a must see. 10 5-Jul-2015
Avengers Seems like they have a winning formula that they use over and over. 9 4-Jun-2015
Fast and Furious 7 My first from this series. Action scenes were all over the place. 5 9-May-2015
Chappie Loved that it was filmed in South Africa, a country other than the USA. Modern day science fiction excitement. 8 7-Mar-2015
Blackhat Enjoyed this movie because it was based on tech. 7 24-Jan-2015
Taken 3 Suspense and action but the plot fell apart during the second half. 7 10-Jan-2015
The Hobbit Excellent cinematography but the screenplay caused me to fall asleep from the middle to end. 3 27-Dec-2014
Top Five Chris Rock is undoubtedly funny. 9* 21-Dec-2014
Hunger Games 3 Knew nothing about this series. First one I saw and I am sold. I want to see the others. 8 9-Dec-2014
Horrible Bosses 2 A quirky action comedy. 6 6-Dec-2014
Interstellar Plenty whys and what ifs. The ending will get you. 10 29-Nov-2014
John Wick John is one badass. Must see movie. 10 10-Nov-2014
Annabelle Didn’t live up to my expectations. I guess that can happen when there is too much hype around a movie. 5 12-Oct-2014
The Maze Runner Liked the concept which kept me interested from start to finish. 9 27-Sep-2014
Lets Be Cops A nice blend of comedy and action. 7 20-Sep-2014
No Good Deed Great writing and acting. 7 13-Sep-2014
The Giver A beautiful juxtaposition of our current state and what could be our future. 8 7-Sep-2014
Lucy Thought provoking. Captures the imagination and makes you question your existance. Must see. 10 1-Sep-2014
Begin Again I love music. I loved this movie. A melodic and soothing shebang. 8 2-Aug-2014
How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fun and entertaining movie. Better for the young ones. 7 21-Jun-2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Tame plot. Amazing action sequences. 8 3-May-2014
Divergent Excellent in all areas. My favorite line, “Everyone is afraid of something.” 10 18-Apr-2014
A Madea Christmas Funny but not as funny as the first Madea movie I saw. 7 4-Jan-2014
Delivery Man A different kind of movie. Interesting. Great acting. 7 7-Dec-2013
Fifth Estate Liked how technology was a focus, otherwise boring. 6 23-Nov-2013
Carrie Gruesome and horrific. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 8 26-Oct-2013
Gravity Slow and boring. Ok ending. Ok acting. 5 12-Oct-2013
Baggage Claim Chick flick. Some laughs. Good acting. 6 5-Oct-2013
Paranoia Great movie. Enjoyed that it was tech related. Favourite line “Competition fuels innovation.” Go see it. 10 28-Sep-2013
Prisoners Interesting plot. Scary. Good acting. 7 21-Sep-2013
We’re the Millers Mildly humorous. Fun and amusing. 7 17-Aug-2013
Elysium Good idea for a plot. Should have done more to keep us thinking. 6 10-Aug-2013
The Conjuring A gripping horror that kept me hooked from beginning to end. 7 3-Aug-2013
Despicable Me 2 Fun movie. The minions are lovable and infectious. 7 27-Jul-2013
Grown Ups 2 Adam Sandler, sorry dude but your movie sucked. 5 13-Jul-2013
Man Of Steel 3D This lived up to the hype. I was enthralled from start to finish. Go see it. 10 22-Jun-2013
This Is The End A handful of laughs, some action and too much cussing. Lady in the cinema was having a fit laughing. 7 14-Jun-2013
Hangover 3 A heap of rubbish that you have to be in the mood to enjoy. 6 1-Jun-2013
Identity Theft Was a lot less funny than I expected it to be. Acting was poor. 4 9-Mar-2013
A Haunted House Started off as different and funny but ended as too much of the same. 5 16-Feb-2013
Butter No hype surrounding this movie so I had no expectations. Interesting comedy. Unusual plot. 7 8-Dec-2012
Bourne Legacy Excellent acting. Suspense and intrigue. Thought provoking. Must see. 10 7-Sep-2012
Dog Days Average cinematography and score. Good acting. Mellow and playful plot written for the kids or the inner kid in you. 7 31-Aug-2012
Neighbourhood Watch Comedy with crappy plot but succeeded in being immensely funny. 8 20-Aug-2012
Total Recall Good cinematography, slow plot for suspense that didnt work & lead nowhere, excellent set construction. 0 18-Aug-2012
The Dark Knight Rises * * 28-Jul-2012
Ice Age 4 3D Excellent animation, CGI and voicing. Fun and mellow comedy/adventure. Go see it. 8 14-Jul-2012
Spiderman 3D Good acting. Ordinary plot. Typical super hero saves the day stuff. 6 7-Jul-2012
Madea’s Witness Protection Those writers are damn good. It holds your interest from start to finish. Outragiously comical. 10 30-Jun-2012
That’s My Boy Adam Sandler is me partner, any movie with him is going to make me laugh plenty. Comedy well done. 9 16-Jun-2012
Prometheus Modern day scifi. Average picture, sound and CGI quality. Compelling subject matter spoiled by a horrendous plot. 5 9-Jun-2012
The Dictator Crude sense of humour required. You will lose many brain cells. Crap, crap and more crap. 5 2-Jun-2012
Lockout Futuristic. Nice build-up. Ok plot. Badass action sequences. Great acting. Disappointed with the ending. 8 5-May-2012
Black Gold Average cinematography. Good actors in Antonio Banderas and Freida Pinto. Lacked suspense and a plot. 5 14-Apr-2012
American Reunion Some laughs but what a piece of sh!t. 6 7-Apr-2012
Underworld 3D Plenty dark fight scenes. Loved it when stuff came flying out of the screen. No plot. 7 28-Jan-2012
The Muppets Obviously geared towards a younger me. Sentimental. Musical. Needed a much better storyline. 6 14-Jan-2012
New Years Eve Pretty mundane stuff. Sappy moments. Smushy love moments. Some laughs. 7 7-Jan-2012
MI4, Ghost Protocol Must see movie. Gorgeous action sequences. 10 31-Dec-2011
The Sitter One word, horrible. 5 24-Dec-2011
Tower Heist Action meets comedy. Nice mix of actors. Parts that were funny were really funny. 8 17-Dec-2011
Jack and Jill Plenty of laughs. Some scenes had me in stitches. My kind of comedy. 9 10-Dec-2011
Johnny English 2 A mix of comedy and action. Somehow the mix didn’t work for me. Expected it to be funnier. 6 3-Dec-2011
Immortals Gruesome. Excellent cinematics, costuming, set construction and CG. Not my favorite genre. 8 22-Nov-2011
Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Having seen New Moon I had some expectations. In my mind I was cheering for Jacob. Cliffhanger. 7 21-Nov-2011
New Moon Story line slow at beginning but develops quickly in the end. Knowing it’s popularity kept me interested. 7 16-Nov-2011
In Time Interesting Concept, thought provoking and add Justin Timberlake, surprisingly good actor. Very matrixy. 8 14-Nov-2011
Paranormal Activity I don’t even feel like rating this movie except to say that this deserves a refund. OMG this is the worst. (after 40 mins I walked out of cinema) N/A 10-Nov-2011
Puss In Boots Too much drama for me. A little bit of everything else. 7 6-Nov-2011