Press Release : UAE launches US$50 million renewable energy fund for the Caribbean

Press Release : UAE launches US$50 million renewable energy fund for the Caribbean

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) today announced a landmark new US$50 million grant fund for renewable energy projects in Caribbean island countries. Launched by HE Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund represents one of the largest-ever single investments in the region’s clean energy sector, as well as a significant deepening of bilateral relationships between the UAE and Caribbean countries.

Grant funding is provided by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs managing the initiative and Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, leading implementation.

The announcement, which brings UAE development assistance for renewable energy to almost $1 billion since 2013, was made on the sidelines of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, as part of the annual General Assembly meeting of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

“We are honoured to open this new chapter in the growing relationship with Caribbean countries,” said Minister Al Hashimy. “The two oceans between us are not the barrier they once were, and we are bringing fresh eyes and enthusiasm to each other’s markets and aspirations. We’re especially pleased to join forces under the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, which can simultaneously drive achievement of the Paris climate agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

His Excellency Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), reflected: “The renewable energy sector stimulates economic growth and employment, it underscores innovation and it capitalises on resources – all leading pillars in improving day-to-day living standards. ADFD’s steady and unwavering vision is to underpin developing countries in achieving their goals by forging new partnerships and funding multiple key sectors; notably, the renewable energy sector – the main catalyst for sustainable long-term growth.

He added: “In the Caribbean island countries, securing a stable and efficient supply of energy is a pivotal policy of each nation’s growth strategy. ADFD is proud to have partnered with Masdar and share its expertise to support the Caribbean nations as they unlock their underutilised wind and solar potential to drive energy security, job creation and socio-economic development.”

Mohamed Al Ramahi, Masdar CEO, added: “Renewable energy is an extremely competitive option for communities in the Caribbean, where there is tremendous natural potential a number of technologies. Caribbean islands typically face high costs for power generation, so unlocking this potential offers opportunities for both savings and growth, providing a powerful catalyst for sustainable social and economic development. Masdar is proud to be a trusted partner for this important project, which will draw on our deep experience deploying solutions for island communities.”

The UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund represents a new pillar of expanding cooperation and exchange between the UAE and Caribbean. A number of Caribbean countries have appointed ambassadors to the UAE in the last year to develop trade and investment links, as well as prepare for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. For the first time in the Expo’s history, each country will be enabled to host its own pavilion, allowing Caribbean participants to showcase projects and plans to potential partners from across the globe.

The new fund will seek to conclude project agreements with several countries per year. Designed for flexibility, it can support renewable energy projects as both as a minority or full financier, as well as engage with both the public and private sectors. With Masdar as the technical lead, all sources of renewable energy can be considered, including solar, wind, geothermal and waste-to-energy.

“The Caribbean offers one of the most compelling business cases for renewable energy in the world, and a public finance push can be a critical factor in driving action,” said Ali Al Shafar, the UAE’s Permanent Representative to IRENA. “Renewable energy has been a powerful relationship-builder for the UAE, and we look forward to partnering with Caribbean countries on this common interest that can in turn lead to new opportunities.”

UAE development assistance for renewable energy is now approaching $1 billion since 2013. Recent projects, implemented by Masdar, include eight solar plants in rural Mauritania, which power about 39,000 homes and save 27,850 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, and the provision of 6.5 megawatts (MW) of capacity across 11 Pacific Islands, enabling the saving of 3.2 million litres of diesel fuel annually.

On Sunday Abu Dhabi Fund for Development -ADFD- in collaboration with Irena have announced during the Seventh Session of the IRENA Assembly, funding four renewable energy projects within the fourth funding cycle. Projects produces about 32 megawatts of renewable energy, worth AED 163.4 million ($ 44.5 million) in four countries, namely, the Seychelles Islands Marshal, Niger and the Solomon Islands.

Liz Mannette launches new Steelpan Digital Content

Liz Mannette launches new Steelpan Digital Content

Mannette, who has been designing steelpan themed jewelry for over 11 years has extended into the media and entertainment world and spent the last year in development with local and international artists, animators, mobile app developers and futurists to carve a creative space for the next evolution of digital content for the steelpan.

Just in time for Carnival 2017, a Suite of brand new steelpan-themed mobile applications (pan apps) are being launched on the company’s official digital platform:

An excerpt from the press release that was sent to me. Check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Samsung to Launch Wind-Free Air Conditioner at CES 2017

Samsung to Launch Wind-Free Air Conditioner at CES 2017

I received a couple of press releases related to some things Samsung is launching at CES 2017. One thing that stood out to me is the wind-free air conditioner. I’m not sure this is for me, although I would have to experience it first hand to be sure. I happen to love cold wind hitting my body on hot days. It does save energy and it is WiFi enabled with a couple of smart features.

The AR9500M is also Wi-Fi-enabled so it can be controlled from anywhere through Samsung’s Smart Home app. Users can remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed.

One thing I noted was that wind-free is just one mode. First the room has to to be quickly (wind) cooled to the desired temperature.

The AR9500M provides customers with the ideal condition by maintaining the comfortable room temperature, using Wind-Free Cooling to gently disperse cold air through 21,000 micro air holes. A two-step cooling system which first lowers temperatures in “Fast Cooling Mode” and then automatically switches to “Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode” creating “still air” once the desired temperature is reached.

I asked my social streams “What do you wish a smart AC could do?” and I have noted the following. The AC should sense your comfort level and adjust accordingly. It should devise an on and off schedule based on usage pattern and other information. How about turn off if the windows or doors are opened? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Press Release : How to Choose a Safe Battery Charger for your Phone

Press Release : How to Choose a Safe Battery Charger for your Phone

Schneider Electric offers tips to keep in mind when choosing a secure charging companion for your smartphone

September 26, 2016 – Our cellphones have become a nearly indispensable part of our lives, therefore, anything “in charge” of keeping its battery alive is equally as important, if not more so. Given the recent headlines concerning explosions related to charging our trusted devices, it’s understandable that the topic of finding the right charger has become a top-of-mind concern for many consumers.

This all begs the question: is there something we can all do to avoid risks associated with these types of issues? In lieu of this, Franklin Guerrero, a channel sales manager for Schneider Electric, shared some tips with us for choosing a safe charging solution.

Avoid buying a generic, clone or counterfeit charger. While they might seem like an economical solution, you just might unknowingly be risking your cellphone and quite possibly, your life. These generic chargers are – for the most part – highly inefficient, unreliable and generally have a low potency. Failing to ensure a steady flow of energy to the battery results in spikes and unnecessary variations in the voltage that is transferred to the device. As a consequence, the life of the battery can decrease considerably.

Make sure to read the product description of a battery charger to ensure that it includes protection against over-heating. For instance, the line of chargers by APC of Schneider Electric, have a secure feature that can measure if the battery reaches an unsafe temperature and if so, it automatically shuts off to protect both the device and battery from experiencing any damage.

There are other features you can also look for to help you feel safe. One is overcharging protection, which enables the charger to control the voltage and electrical current so that it automatically stops charging when the internal battery is full.

Remember that the charger you choose should not only protect your phone but also protect you. Therefore, be sure it also includes protection against a short circuit so that the charger automatically turns off if it detects one of its outputs is experiencing this malfunction. This feature protects smartphones and tablets from overheating and ultimately, from explosions.

External batteries may appear to be an economical solution to keeping your device charged-up but keep these considerations in mind when choosing one. The ideal charging solution needs to have passed industry security tests and abide by safety standards that protect you against common problems such as over or under-charging and high temperatures. Picking the right charger these days will give you peace of mind and help you sleep easier, without fear of damaging your device or worse, potentially life-threatening accidents.