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Good morning Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Internet. My mind told me to do this video this morning to keep my channel going. It is good practice too.

• One of my last Huawei videos has gotten almost one thousand views. I sort of feel like a bite up shilling.
• I am waiting to get my hands on an S8 so I can give you the good stuff. I imagine the photos and videos coming out of that would be sweet like condense milk.
• How do you like my haircut? I cut it myself.
• I am fasting these days and I am managing well. I am labeling this as discipline and progress.
• Question. Do you think we should have a local IT professional grouping, similar to the law association
of Trinidad and Tobago, where (among other things) we vote on key issues?
• Two Fridays ago I interviewed for a job. I think I did ok. The one question that got me was about website performance tools. Something I need to research.
• Question I came across on LinkedIn. What are your top tips for staying calm during a crisis at work. I decided to answer with an acronym. CALM. Compromise. Attention to detail. Listen and Mobilise.
• I would like to plug my tech blog – TheTechRemix.com – A lot of my time and effort and passion is put into each blog post.
• Nothing about Goolge I/O this year excited me. Did anything excite you?
• Interesting article heading I came across – “Is technology making our children developmentally slower?” I would say emphatically not. Tech would not do that. Our tech and other habits might do that.
• Finally I would like to end with some motivational words – Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

WannaCry and Cybersecurity

This was not a planned or researched blog post. I ended up in a conversation about WannaCry and gave my views as follows. This is what came to me from the top of my head. Firstly what is WannaCry? The name is a cheeky shortened form of WannaCrypt. According to wikipedia it is a ransomware attack using a cryptoworn targeting Windows machines. Basically they encrypt your data meaning you cannot access it and then demand a bitcoin ransom. See screenshot below.

WannaCry and Cybersecurity

This is what was written in one of our dailies – Cybersecurity expert: WannaCry reaches T&T. Mark Lyndersay (the writer) and Shiva I know.

My views on this and cybersecurity are

1) Organisations need dedicated positions to handle information security
2) We in the region can be guided by the CARICOM Single ICT Space which states it “will promote investment, create digital citizens, safeguard against cyber security threats and advance the CARICOM Digital Agenda 2025.”
3) Make cybersecurity relevant through exposure in the media (like you are doing)
4) Keep your software and systems updated
5) Training for IT staff and other staff
6) Know beforehand who you will contact when faced with something like this whether you are a person or organisation

And lastly the writer of this article hit the nail on the head with this – “software — and thus security — is never finished; it makes no sense, then, that payment is a one-time event”

And one more. We in Trinidad have a problem. There is no dedicated Minister of Technology and Ministry of Technology. Tech is too important to not have one. We need someone to take the lead on important matters in the tech space and at that level.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

[Video] Blogging and Caribbean Bloggers Week

[Video] Blogging and Caribbean Bloggers Week


Good morning Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the internet. Another YouTube video to keep the channel going. I want to talk about blogging and Caribbean Bloggers Week.

Blogging is not dead. It might not be at the forefront but it’s still alive.
So what is a blog? According to wikipedia

A blog (short for weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (or blog posts).

Blogging took off in the late 90s when online publishing tools became available to the general public. I started blogging in 2004. A mix of tech and everyday life. Six years ago I switched to only blogging tech at TechTT (Trinidad and Tobago Technology Blog) and that evolved into The Tech Remix recently. I have been doing this for many years and it’s my passion for technology and learning that keeps me going.

Caribbean Bloggers Week is organised by Silicon Caribe and there is also a regional bloggers directory. I would like to see more tech bloggers in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. I went searching for a quote on blogging and found this one – I blog because I have something to say. – Eddie Huang

Please support your regional bloggers. A like, a comment, a share is all it takes.
My tips on blogging : Keep it short, collaborate and network with other bloggers, be consistent, choose a clean and simple design and pay attention to search engine optimization. What are your thoughts on blogging. Share them in the comments below.

Some Things to Consider When Purchasing a Smartphone

Some Things to Consider When Purchasing a Smartphone

Smartphones have become a major part of our lives. It is a communications and productivity tool. In some cases they cost more than a laptop or computer. We are spending more and more time with our smartphones. A smartphone is an investment and it helps to consider what you are buying. I like to interact with my readers through my social streams and I posed the question, “what do you consider when purchasing a smartphone?” Responses were varied and helped me with this blog post.

Firstly I would recommend thinking about your needs and wants and how those mesh with your budget. Think about your current and previous smartphones and the things that bug you. Is it too slow? Do you wish the screen was bigger? Does the battery life suck? Think about your needs. Are you clumsy and often drop your smartphone? Do you need your smartphone to be waterproof? Are you a photographer? Start asking questions, making notes and doing research. In the same way that I asked my social streams, you can ask your social streams about their experiences and recommendations. Outside of this, the internet is littered with review websites, youtube channels, customer reviews, comparison websites and the likes.

For a lot of persons price is a major consideration. The popular brands and flagship smartphones will cost the most. There are persons who wait for the newer models to be released so that the price of the older models drop. Other persons will wait for when there is a sale. If you get a postpaid plan with your carrier you will pay less up front and the remaining cost will be covered by your monthly bill amount. Keep in mind that the carriers can lock the smartphones (they sell you) to their network. It helps to get local support and a good warranty for a reasonable period. If you purchase your smartphone online consider the final cost after shipping and taxes and the cost to return the phone if it has to be repaired under warranty. Outside of the warranty some smartphones are more costly to repair than others. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy a new phone than to pay for the repairs.

Understandably if you have had good experiences with a brand, OS (think Android or iOS) or ecosystem over the years you may be inclined to stick with this. You may even refer to yourself as a fanboy or fangirl. You might even be mocked for your loyalty. For some persons, being in style is important. For some it’s all about the specifications and features. Specifications may look nice on paper but performance should not be assumed from this. Go in the store and try out the smartphone. Is it comfortable to hold? Is the software user friendly enough for you? How does it compare to the other smartphones around? Are you interested in the other devices in the ecosystem like the VR headset or smartwatch? Do you need dual SIMs? Do you need extra storage for your music and movies and photos or are you offloading most of this to the cloud?

As you would realise there are many things that you could consider when deciding on a smartphone to purchase. Also you may choose to wait on a future model, maybe based on what the rumors and speculations say is coming. It’s your choice and your hard earned dollars and you will have to decide what is important to you and how much consideration you care to give. For me, photography has become a major part of my life, so the camera and features is what piques my interest the most. I do hope that my blog post helps some and please share your thoughts and experiences with us (myself and readers) in the comments below.