Technology and volunteering hand in hand with the Special Olympics

Technology and volunteering hand in hand with the Special Olympics

Samsung, as Premier sponsor of the III Latin American Special Olympics Games, provides the organization with the technology to make a significant sports experience, in which more than 800 athletes of 21 countries of the region participate.

During the III Latin American Special Olympics edition, Samsung awards the top 10 athletes in the regional competition with its most innovative products such as Gear Fit 2 –a state-of-the-art physical activity monitor with GPS included.

Samsung seeks to complement the training of athletes through the use of technology for the better control the development of their physical abilities with the Gear Fit2.

By the other hand, the Special Olympics chapter of Panama receives 19 Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ tablets, intended to supplement the educational programs that the Special Olympics carries out permanently and directly with young people with intellectual disabilities. These items, and 10 Samsung 360 cameras, will be used during the competitions of the III Latin American Games, to document and share the experiences of the athletes.

The provision of technology such as printers, Smart TVs and a virtual reality stand equipped with Samsung Gear VR for the facilities of the Olympic Village in the Hotel El Panama, as well as Galaxy J5 cell phones for communication between the directors of the delegations of the invited countries, are part of another of the contributions given to the games by the company seeking to strengthen the logistics and experience of the athletes during the event.

Samsung Volunteering for Social Inclusion

Prior to the III Latin American Games in Panama, Samsung’s regional collaborators joined as volunteers to support athletes in 9 countries in their preparation training by organizing Unified Sports games, which combine athletes with intellectual disabilities and those who do not to help them develop their physical abilities, in an exchange of talent, encouraging inclusion in the community through sport.

Regionally, 68 volunteers participated, donating up to 214 hours from countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

During the III Latin American Games of Special Olympics in Panama from April 20 to the 27th, Samsung’s collaborators will continue to count hours of volunteering by supporting the athletes who will go to the volleyball courts, bowls and swimming pools, to give the best of themselves, representing and leaving their countries’ names high and above all, to live the emotion of sports competitions.

“Samsung, as an active and responsible member of the community, helps raise awareness of the challenges faced by young people with intellectual disabilities, promoting positive attitudes and behavioral changes to achieve the inclusion of these young people in everyday life,” said Nicole Orillac, Corporate Citizenship Manager for Samsung Electronics.

During this experience the volunteers were also inspired by the Olympics athletes for their demonstration of admirable dedication in their way of overcoming challenges and integration in our society.

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Huawei P9 lite Review


In the box – phone, charging brick, cable and headphones.

Some key features of this device

LTE Capable
5.2 inch IPS LCD screen
13 megapixel f/2.0 autofocus camera
3000 milliampere battery

Let’s take a look at the build.

Beautiful screen. I wish the glass protector was smoother when swiping. Strong metal frame with chamfered edges. Thin and lightweight with non-removable battery and back. Headphone jack and nano SIM card. Mono speaker. According to Huawei’s website, “It features a number of innovative hardware upgrades showcased in a cutting-edge slim design.”

Some key notes from my review.

More than four hours screen on time and full days use.
Finger print reader center and away from camera.
I wish there was a sorted app draw.
Camera takes decent photos but not as good as a flagship.

In summary I would say the following about this device

Value for money with room for improvement.
Slim and beautiful design that is comfortable in the hands.
Smooth and responsive OS

Let’s see what other reviews had to say about this device

A mid-range gem from Huawei
Solid middle-tier smartphone without much in the way of fancy extras.
Affordable phone that focuses on style as much as substance.

If you had to choose a colour, what would you choose? White, black or gold.

Did you know? The name Huawei roughly translates to ‘Chinese achievement’

Thank you for watching or reading this review and thank you to Huawei Trinidad Office for providing these review units.
My main focus is quality. In the absence of all the needed resources I experiment and make improvements where I can.
I am passionate about technology and blogging and making tech videos.
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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Samantha McLean – Tech YouTuber

Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Samantha McLean – Tech YouTuber

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How would you define a techie?

Being a techie for me means being interested in technology, a little more than the average Joe/Jane. It goes beyond just fascination and entails application as well. So for me I love the technology that surrounds mobile software and how one can push the limits of their smart devices and other things of that nature. So you will see me modding and customizing my phone in ways that the average Joe/Jane would not. Being a techie is all about what is new and what is next, whatever genre you may fall in.

Tell us about yourself (short bio).

Well I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica, I’ve been in the Tech industry all my adult life. It’s kind of a family business so that’s kind of how I got started. However that was mostly computer related, it wasn’t till I fell in love with Android that my obsession for mobile software modding began.

How has tech improved your life?

I have become more knowledgeable in many things. I started off just messing about with my phones but now it has become a passion as well as my main source of income.

How did you become a tech YouTuber?

I became a “tech youtuber” at the start of 2016. Ever since I got into Android and the whole ecosystem I would watch a lot of youtube videos from Marques Brownlee and Max Lee. I remember when I got my first Nexus device I was so giddy about filming the unboxing but that didn’t work out very well. So when I got my Nexus 6P I made sure to get a camera and film my process of unboxing, setting it up and unlocking the bootloader. I wanted to share my experience with my device with others and maybe help someone who may be looking for help or guidance.

What is it like being a tech YouTuber in Jamaica?

Well for me only my close friends know that I do YouTube so it’s neither here nor there for me. However I do face a lot of challenges when it comes to not living in the US. Firstly getting packages are a pain when we have to go through customs and duties. Even if I get a free item I would always have to pay a lot to receive it, often times I pay more than the value of the item. Secondly various shows, conferences or events are not available here, so there is a lack of experience and exposure where that is concerned.

What tech channels are you subscribed to?

A lot!! A few of them are of course MKBHD, Kevin the tech ninja, Max Lee, Casey Neistat, SuperSaf TV and Fury Pixel.

Canon or Nikon?

I really can’t judge, I only have a Nikon because that’s all I could afford at the time. I have heard that Canon does better videos though so I always wanted to get a Canon DSLR.

How do you go about learning a new technology?

Mostly from the web. Google normally supplies me with what’s new in my feed, or if something new comes out I’ll read it on twitter or see it on YouTube.

What question would you ask yourself and how would you answer it?

What is your favourite non-tech thing to do? My answer: lay in bed and watch tv, if I could get paid to do that I’d quit my day job for sure!!

What computer tool do witches use the most?

That’s a funny one. Spell checker.

What tech would you like to own?

Tough one. Off the top of my head I’ll say a drone. I have been really fascinated by them (perhaps too much Casey Neistat videos).

Would you choose a million dollars or a year with @MKBHD?

I think I’d chose a year with MKBHD. Pretty sure if I spent a year with that guy I’d be making millions by the end of it or at least have the ability to.

The best advice you have received?

Those that matters don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

Dancehall or reggae?


What sports teams do you support?

Whatever Jamaica is doing then I will support them. [so team Jamaica 🙂 ]

How do you deal with disappointments?

I try not to dwell on them for too long and look for ways I can improve for next time or find another angle to achieve what I want.

What tech event would you like to attend?

CES, seeing all the newest and greatest in tech from various manufacturer would be a dream.

What future technology interests you?

Self-driving cars. I know they are here already but when they become more commercialised and common that the average Joe/Jane can afford one with ease is something I’ll be looking forward to.

If you had to start a tech company what would you call it and why?

Well I’m not good with making up names and all that. I’d probably go with my alias “DaKoin” reason being I always want to link my name when I’m doing something, to throw my identity out there especially when it is something good.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Which tech person would you love to have dinner with and why?

Troubleshooting An App Bug

Troubleshooting An App Bug

I recently found and installed the Step by Step Salah – Namaz app. I saw that a lot of persons installed it and I liked the functionality, how it was organised, the content and the simple UI. But I had a problem though. The salah times for my location (using the location from the smartphone) was way off. There is an option to manually change the location but 1) I couldn’t change it to Trinidad and Tobago and 2) every time I restart the app it would go back to the automatic location. This was really bothering me because I really liked the app. I saw in the review others were having the same problem. I put on my troubleshooting hat and figured out what I could do. Revoke location permission for the app which would force it to use my manually set location. Steps on My Samsung S6 edge+

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Applications Manager
  • Locate the app and select it
  • Select Permissions
  • Uncheck location

I contacted the app developers and I am waiting on a reply but I figured out I could use Barbados or Caracas time in the meanwhile. Sharing on my blog for two reasons 1) for anyone experiencing a similar problem and 2) to show how you can troubleshoot and fix your own problems sometimes.