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Caribbean Tech Remix Weekly #007

Interesting tech news, articles, blogs, videos, links, events and the likes from the Caribbean every Monday. Message me if you have anything else to add.

Curated by Hassan Voyeau

πŸ”— Build Back Better Sint-Maarten
πŸ”— Cariri – Innovating with Emerging Technology Conference 2018 (Trinidad)
πŸ”— Welcome to Puertopia, a Caribbean crypto-paradise
πŸ”— Innov8 Summit (Guyana)
πŸ”— Critical Infrastructure Protection in LATAM and Caribbean 2018 Report
πŸ”— TTCS OSSWIN 2.0 – a collection of Free and Open Source Software for Windows
πŸ”— Caribbean Developers Conference 2018
πŸ”— (video) Interview with Stephan James CEO of Wanderscape, Trinidad and Tobago based tech startup

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