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Caribbean Tech Remix Weekly #004

Interesting tech news, articles, blogs, videos, links, events and the likes from the Caribbean every Monday. Message me if you have anything else to add.

Curated by Hassan Voyeau

πŸ”— CANTO and Co-host TSTT Welcome Delegates at 34th AGM in Trinidad
πŸ”— (Video) Massy Technologies with Ormuco and Cloud28+ and digital transformation for customers
πŸ”— [St Lucia] Islandwide internet project underway
πŸ”— Tech Experts Warn Investors Against Digital Coin Offers
πŸ”— (Organisation) Hacker Hostel Jamaica
πŸ”— Report.GY incidents alerts app
πŸ”— (Grenada) Self Check-In Passport System Installed at MBIA
πŸ”— WiPay Guyana works to transform the way Guyanese pay bills

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