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Samsung brings the joy of giving and sharing during Global Volunteer Month

Trinidad & Tobago, 24th November 2017 – During the month of October, Samsung Electronics celebrated its Global Volunteer Month with different initiatives that had as main goal to involve team members in the mission of the company: To promote sustainable social development. The region were involved in different activities mainly focused on the program InpiraTec, aimed at students from public schools with the goal of inspiring them to finish their school and go to college.

As it tends to happen in initiatives like these, the team members discovered that the contribution they made, through their hours of volunteering, was as relevant to the teenagers as was the satisfaction and knowledge they themselves gained through the experience.

The nine countries of the region that participated this year at InspiraTec; Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago, shared experiences about the use of technology in the professional life. The activities included a tour of a university campus, a technological workshop, and presentations from Samsung professionals about their work experience and a creative activity as closure to share what the students had learned about the importance of preparing for the future.

Samsung volunteers, students and teachers from Trinidad & Tobago participated of the activities organized for InpiraTec at The University of the West Indies. A total of 23 students from Iere School were part of the activity.

“The students seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, in an activity which positively impacted on both, their intellectual curiosity and stimulated their desire to further their education,” said Adriana Sookraj-Dipchan from Samsung, Trinidad and Tobago.

Teachers were also an important part of the activity. “I think students enjoyed themselves and there should be more programs like these to encourage them to pursue technological studies”, commented teacher Varrendra Mahabir.

“I thank Samsung for sponsoring this very educational trip for the Form 1’s and 2’s of Ire High School,” said student Sanjay Sooknarine.

Samsung Volunteer Month was established in 1995 to drive volunteer activities of team members in Korea and has been celebrated in offices around the world since 2011. Through programs like these, Samsung continues its commitment to promoting sustainable social development for a better future.

Volunteer Program

Global Volunteer Month is a milestone to celebrate volunteer activities that Samsung develops throughout the entire year and that are part of the structured Volunteer Program of the company. With the objective of “building today a better tomorrow”, the company invited all of its team members in Latin America to share their knowledge through visits and activities in collaboration with social entities and NGOs. The actions of the program are carried out during the whole year, with more than one event per month which include cultural and sports activities, vocational conferences, reforms and civil construction works. In addition, the volunteers co-lead workshops that allow students to learn about the role of technology in the world of work and the importance of preparing to achieve goals.

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