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Samsung Note 8 (Officially) Launches In Trinidad Today

Samsung Note 8 (Officially) Launches In Trinidad Today (1)

Photo by Mark Lyndersay /

Samsung Note 8 (Officially) Launches In Trinidad Today (2)

Photo by Mark Lyndersay /

Atypically I am missing the launch event today in Trincity Mall but I am paying attention to whatever I can find on social media. I have always been a fan of the bigger screen and the stylus which are differentiators of this phablet. Here are some highlights of the Note 8 that I made note of when I watched the New York launch

6.3 Quad HD+ (2960×1440) Super AMOLED
App Pair Shortcuts
Dual camera (1 Wide Angle + 1 Tele Zoom)
Dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation)
Live Messages with the S-Pen
Micro SD card slot
In Stores Starting Sept 15

One concern I saw on twitter was what the local pricing would be and especially from the mobile providers. A quick search on Facebook lead me to one local shop that had it for $7500. As a side note, please pay attention to warranty and support when looking at buying smartphones. One of my positions on pricing – don’t buy into the hype that these flagships are not worth the price. Keep in mind that research and development and everything that goes into getting the latest and greatest tech in our hands and advancing mobile tech costs money. There are cheaper options that do great things and serve a particular segment of customers but only because there were expensive options that lead the way. My advice is to not be hyper critical. Good things cost money.

I asked my twitter to share thoughts on the Note 8 today. One person mentioned that we need an option to remap the Bixby button. This I totally agree with and applies to the S8 phones also. Also the handwriting to text has gotten better. Persons are not happy with the placement of the fingerprint reader as it makes it easy to smudge the camera. The overall design does come in for praise though. Hopefully I get to review the device and give you my insights and photos will be added to the blog post as I get them.

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  1. What you said about buying based on the hype is really true. I was looking at the Note 5 and by today’s standard (to me) it is a great device still. 32GB internal, 4GB Ram, finger print reader, 16mp camera and records in 4K. Yes it is a competitor in today’s market even though I was introduced in 2015. Awaiting your review. Cheers!

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