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Digicel Trinidad 4G LTE Network

I have not heard of LTE spectrum being licensed so I assuming that they would be doing similar to bmobile where LTE was built on existing spectrum. Unless this was an error, the following post is indicating that they are testing LTE and would be rolling out soon. Share with me any information you may have. Also see my previous blog post – Updates – LTE In Trinidad and Tobago

Monday 9 October 2017 2:30 pm

Digicel advises that due to work associated with delivering an amazing LTE network, customers in some sections of Diamond Vale may experience a loss of voice or data services between the hours of 7 am to 4 pm tomorrow Tuesday 10 October 2017. Digicel apologises for any inconvenience and promises that the newer, faster network experience will be worth the wait.


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  1. Kurleigh Martin

    Well this is great news! Haven’t heard much about this and I honestly thought it was cancelled because DIGICEL is so over extended with their Cable TV offerings.

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