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10 Things To Think About – Samsung 4K TVs

  • A TV with UHD 4K technology has more than 8 million pixels.
  • 4K (and above) technology means more life like pictures and that looks more like watching through a window than a TV screen.
  • I read that because of the higher resolutions you can sit closer and be more immersed especially if it is a curved model.
  • Where can someone in Trinidad get 4K content? Netflix and online streaming services, YouTube and Bluray 4K discs are what I can think of. The information I have it that the cable TV providers have no 4K channels or content.
  • Prices have dropped since this technology is more available and less cutting edge now.
  • Most flagship smartphones these days are capable of shooting 4K video so it is nice to be able to playback your personal videos on a big screen in 4K.
  • One decision you would have to make is curved or flat? There are fans in each camp and you will have to decide which one works for you.
  • Not all 4K TVs are the same and different models (newer and older) and brands offer different features. For example is the TV HDR compatible and does it support WCG?
  • Look out for QLED models.
  • Samsung has been a leader in the TV market for many years and the Trinidad and Caribbean market is important to them and they have had a presence in Trinidad for many years.

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