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20 Things about the Samsung S8+ – Trinidad Tech YouTuber Review


Unbox your roti? Unbox your doubles? No. Unbox your S8+.

  1. The AKG earbuds that comes in the box sounds awesome and the mesh material feels and looks extremely durable.
  2. There are less Samsung apps installed by default.
  3. You can use your S8+ to charge other devices.
  4. Comfortable rounded sides and edges especially compared to the S6 edge+ which I previously used.
  5. You can give feedback among other things in the Samsung Members app.
  6. The fingerprint reader is not in an ideal location. Back camera can easily get smudged.
  7. Awesome camera. See link to my camera review in the description below.
  8. Beautiful screen. The nicest I have ever used.
  9. Battery gives you a full day’s use with normal usage.
  10. Is navigation bar burn in an issue? I have read that there were updates to address this and also that it is reversable. For safety I have mines set to autohide.
  11. Bixby is useful but needs polishing and I would like to remap the Bixby button.
  12. I really feel like the future is the merging of the smartphone and other devices. The price of the Dex stand locally is about 955 TT.
  13. Get a clearview cover. Useful, comfortable and protects your device.
  14. I feel comfortable walking with my phone in the rain or taking photographs on a rainy day.
  15. Now is a good time to purchase an S8+ as the price has dropped since its launch.
  16. You can connect flash drives and other USB devices with the adapter that comes in the box.
  17. Active on display is useful but I wish it would adapt to landscape mode.
  18. Interesting thing. There is a rose pink edition in select markets including South Korea and Taiwan.
  19. With Samsung Flow, for example, you can unlock your laptop with your smartphone fingerprint reader.
  20. Finally I would like to end with some tips to keep your phone in good shape.

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