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20 Things about the Huawei P10 – Trinidad Tech YouTuber Review


I wonder how I can get more views boy? Take the P10 and drop test from the top of the Hyatt? I don’t think Jason will be pleased with that. Dancing pandas? Grow my hair and cut a mohawk? Maybe a disco ball? Good ideas but I will leave them for another video. MAYBE.

  1. Have you ever scanned the QR code on the accessories? I tried and it turned out to be just the serial number and not a website link.
  2. The bigger P10 plus has a 6 GB of RAM option, better camera aperture and better IP rating.
  3. There is a local repair center for under warranty devices.
  4. +1000 points for builtin screen recording.
  5. The device comes with a preinstalled screen protector and gorilla glass 5.
  6. One of the main features of any smartphone today is the camera. One of the lens is monochromatic and the black and white photos from this are awesome. Designed together with Leica. f 2.2 aperture is a disappointment though. I like that I can easily swipe up for pro mode controls. Here are some sample photos that I took.
  7. Visible screws had me thinking about how easy it is to repair? Couldn’t find a repairability score on iFixIt but I read elsewhere that it is easy to take apart for repairs.
  8. Disappointed at the water resistant rating. I read that it is IPX2 – that is resistant to exposure to everyday moisture such as sweat or short periods of light rain.
  9. Textured hyper diamond cut backing which is resistant to scratches and slipping.
  10. Fingerprint reader doubles as a soft home capacitive button. This has to be enabled in settings which was not immediately obvious to me.
  11. Invest in a good pair of headphones. Basic headphones don’t cut it.
  12. Strong and durable and thin metal body.
  13. No problems with gaming performance.
  14. There is a 4K video mode which is an improvement over the P9.
  15. Did you know? The P in P10 stands for Premium.
  16. There is an app draw that you can enable through settings. Very useful.
  17. Seeing mono speakers on a latest flagship always disappoints me.
  18. Display is reasonably visible in bright outdoors.
  19. Get a case to protect your phone. I am a big fan of flip cases.
  20. I would like to end with some things to consider when purchasing a smartphone.

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