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My Experience Setting Up FLOW’s TG2492LG-FLO WIFI Modem

I had one of the early purely modem devices for about 7 or more years now. I connected this to my Linksys router and I was set. The router is old and does not have all the features of modern routers but it worked. Did a house call the other day and saw that the person had the WIFI modem with their AVS setup. Then it occurred to me that I should switch out my modem for a WIFI modem. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new router when it was time for that. Made some notes after setting up my device and I am sharing it on my blog here.

  • I access the settings using the https link so that credentials entered are encrypted while communicating with the router –
  • I was told to skip the change password on first login prompt. Do it afterwards from the admin menu.
  • I chose to not broadcast SSID. You will have to manually add your WIFI to your devices if you do this. This is an extra layer of security.
  • I disabled 2.4 GHz. Reading that 5GHz gives less range but supports higher speeds and has less interference.
  • Love that there is a guest network separate for visitors where I can set a timer.
  • Discovered that there is nowhere to specify custom DNS. I can do that at the device level in Windows 10 for example if I really need it.
  • What I will do with the old router? Probably use it for experimenting with various custom firmware like DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and Tomato – if they support my aging router. Read that MAYBE you can brick your device or not go back to stock with custom firmware sometimes.
  • WIFI modem is behind Flow’s NAT. I guess if you need a public facing IP on the router you have to contact Flow.
  • There is a modem mode if you want your own connected router to be internet facing.
  • I always enable MAC address filtering to only allow my devices.
  • The branded settings UI is easy to use and simple and beautiful.
  • Initial passwords for the router settings and WIFI are labelled on the device. It is recommended that you change these.
  • Couldn’t find a user guide online. Arris does not have one and says I need to contact the ISP. Maybe they should put a link to one or something. Hire me to do a video guide.
  • You can restrict internet at certain times for certain devices. Maybe something for the kids.
  • I disable UPnP because I don’t use it and it feels more secure that way.

Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below.


  1. You can’t do it on this model Flow WIFI modem. If you connect your own router to it you can change it there or you can change it on your laptop or smartphone or other connected device. This I verified with Flow. Why do you want to change it?

  2. Deon

    Help needed. I enabled modem mode and port forwarding on my Neatgear Wireless Router .. but every port when tested with Port Checker says closed .. is there something I’m missing .. I’ve port forwarded before but this is first time with a Flow device.

  3. Does the person have a public facing IP? Some home users are behind NAT with no direct public facing IP so you can’t port forward. In that case you will have to contact Flow support to see what can be done. Possibly migrate to direct public facing and static IP address depending on your needs.

  4. Cardinal hall

    How do I reset this modem completely I activated modem mode and now I can’t connect to it

  5. orville

    Trying to find a manual, no success so far.

    Flow service went down at the node for my area and this caused the wifi modem to disable my wifi. Though it restarted it, the interruption was an issue for me as parts of my network connections use wifi. Some programs will terminated if connection to the host computer is disrupted and work not saved lost. I will run a simulation to confirm this flaw but if confirmed, I may as well disable wifi on this and go buy a router.

    I’m sure I saw the channel setting on auto on the initial setup, however I cannot find it now. Can I change the channel on this modem?

  6. 1) Channel setting is under Advanced settings > Wireless > Wireless signal
    2) Under Modem mode ensure that Router mode is enabled
    3) If your systems cannot handle a loss of connectivity then you need to consider reworking your systems. Maybe redundant connections or replication.
    4) I contacted them [Flow Trinidad] before and there is no user manual
    5) Routers are inexpensive and provide additional features and definitely worth a go

  7. AVI

    I upgraded my service to one of flow packages at my wife’s home and saw that they give us this same model router and it works really good. So I decided to try to get my standard modem at my home that I had for about 6 years replaced with one of these new ones. I had a wireless router attached to my old modem because back then FLOW didn’t have built-in wireless modems.

    After 2 attempts (my first story didn’t work lol) I finally got them to do a work order to have my modem changed to this one. Today it was changed and works amazing.

    Has any one tried the remote access option on the modem?

  8. I did not try remote access (and have it disabled) because I don’t need it and it is probably more secure that way.

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