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mFirst On-the-go Payment Device and App

Saw this ad in the newspaper. Basically an on-the-go way of accepting debit and credit card payments with face-to-face customers. It consists of a small device linked to an app on your smartphone. I am aware of on-the-go Linx machines and this seems similar. The challenge with this is the monthly fee and percentage transaction fees. I contacted them to get more information and ask some questions and these are the responses that I got. This information is dated 27 July 2017.

Monthly Rental: $150.00 (inclusive of eFirst)
Credit Card Fee: 3.00% of the value of each transaction
Debit Card Fee: $0.75 per transaction

The mFirst device connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. You will be required to download the First Citizens Mobile POS app and will also require either a data plan or wifi connection to process transactions. I would also like to share information on our efirst service. EFirst is the secured, real time, online cash management system which allows you to manage your business accounts anywhere, anytime, including ability to make payments to any commercial bank in Trinidad and Tobago, perform wire transfers and RTGS.

Please be advised that in order to process the facilities we will require the following:

  • Copies of the business registration documents (will be requested from your branch)
  • Two valid forms of Identification for all directors/partners/sole trader
  • Completed application form, signed and stamped accordingly (please see forms attached)

Is training and support provided for this service?
Yes training and support services are provided for this service

Also can I pause the service so that I don’t have to pay a monthly fee during that pause period?
We will need to discuss further the idea of “pausing” the service to better answer you

Can I give a refund with this device?
Transactions can be voided, reversals can be facilitated by our Settlements Department

Any plans to make accepting online website payments this affordable or a part of this service?
We do have a service to accept payment online, this is separate and apart from this service

How is this different from on-the-go Linx machines?
I am not familiar with on the go linx machines to give you a comparison. Can you advise further?

Does the device print a receipt?
The device does not print a receipt, it send receipts via text messages and emails

More information on their website –

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