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Q and A with Caribbean Internet Governance

What is Internet Governance Caribbean?

Please refer to the relevant information page on the CTU web site

Why do we need Internet Governance?

Please refer to the relevant information page on the CTU web site

What are some of the activities the group is involved in?

Please refer to the relevant information page on the CTU web site

What are some of the past achievements?

  • CIGF Successes
  • First Regional Internet Governance Forum in the World
  • First and only harmonised regional Internet Governance Policy Framework in the world
  • Establishment and proliferation of Caribbean Internet Exchange Points
  • Awareness building and education on Internet Governance
  • IPv6 Adoption Handbook
  • Caribbean Cyber Security Policy Framework
  • Increased Caribbean participation in global Internet Governance fora

How can governments in the Caribbean contribute to Internet governance?

Governments can contribute to Internet governance by:

  • Addressing areas of highest priority for developing Internet governance policies and practices.
  • Developing strategies and approaches for building and/or strengthening national multistakeholder structures to enhance Internet governance capacity and expertise.
  • Contributing as a stakeholder to multi-stakeholder Internet governance initiatives and fora at the national, regional and international levels.

What is the group’s take on the slow rollout of IPv6 in Trinidad and the region?

In collaboration with the regional Internet registries, ARIN and LACNIC, the CTU has been advocating the adoption of IPv6 in the region for almost 10 years, so the current level of adoption, although growing, is still very low. With the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), efforts are being redoubled to maintain emphasis on the need for accelerated IPv6 adoption to exploit and facilitate efficient rollout of IoT applications.

What issues are you tackling these days?

The CTU was the featured presenter at an event convened by the Vincentian civil society groups to sensitise the public in St. Vincent on the topic of Internet governance (IG) and build interest and capacity for Vincentians to contribute to IG work regionally and internationally. The CTU Secretary General also was a featured speaker at the inaugural Barbados IGF in June 2017. In addition, the 13th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) is being planned for August 2017 in the British Virgin Islands; an outline agenda is available on the CTU web site at .

How can persons send feedback to your group?

Feedback can be sent via info /at/

Anything else you would like to add?

The CIGF is the oldest regional Internet governance forum in the world, having been inaugurated in September 2005 to collate Caribbean views on these issues in preparation for the second and final session of the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis in November 2005.

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