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Hike Transportation Launch (Trinidad)

Ride sharing apps are a big deal with Uber leading the way. Uber has had a presence in Trinidad for more than a year. There are several competing local options and the ride sharing space in Trinidad has gotten a fair amount of exposure with the coming of Uber. A main contention has been the legality of private cars being used for hire and is this situation insurable with Trinidad’s current laws. A main differentiator of Hike is that it is restricted to hired cars. I have seen them moving around to the various taxi stands to woo drivers to their service.

On a personal level I have never used a ride sharing service and the main reason has been cost (entrepreneurship has emptied my pockets) and I can get by easily with the usual transport options like taxis, maxis and buses. In my view ride sharing is great for tourists, working professionals and one off situations like special occasions, events and emergencies. Also taxis are your designated driver. I am absolutely in favour of technology being used to improve the transportation space and this gives us additional options. The budding stages might be frustrating because persons are now getting accustomed and take-up might be slow and our market is a smaller one.

I was also reminded of one of the other focus areas of Hike Transportation which is philanthropy and giving back. I am a big fan of technology, public transportation and local efforts. I urge you to give them your support and give them feedback that will help them improve for the future.

Their website –

Some photos from the launch are below and see my previous Q and A with them –

20170630_182152-01 Marriott - location of the launch

Marriott – location of the launch

20170630_184407-01 Waiting for guests to arrive

Waiting on persons to arrive

20170630_193809-01 A driver tries out the app

A driver tries out the app

20170630_201116-01 Guests mingle

Guests mingle

20170630_181433-01 BHP building

BHP building

20170630_173629-01 Stopped off at MT on my way to the launch

Passed through MT on my way to the event


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