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Q and A with KariBites

How did the idea for KariBites come about?

We were interested in entering the e-commerce space in the Caribbean. We conducted market research and found out that food is something people order frequently. We altered our idea to create a platform for ordering food online, which is called KariBites.

What is the story behind the name KariBites?

We were interested in using a name that represents the Caribbean region “KariB” and also suggests getting food “Bites” hence the name KariBites was formed. This is also a product of our parent company, KaribFusion which also contributed to the name of the platform.

Who are the team behind this app?

Raman Walwyn-Venugopal is the Chief Technology Officer who is responsible for building and maintaining the platform. Renee Thomas is the Chief Strategist who is responsible for management, strategy and sales. There are also other members on our team such as a Sales Manager and a Brand Ambassador.

What countries will the app be available in?

The app will first be available in Grenada however we hope to expand the service to other islands within the Caribbean region.

What technologies were used to build out this service?

Ruby on rails was used to build the server and React was used for the client side. Electronic payments will be handled using Stripe API or another similar service. We are currently experimenting with the electronic payments feature.

Any plans to work with popular fast food chains like KFC?

Definitely, our platform will include variety of restaurants including fast food chains. Our target market has a keen interest in fast foods hence our platform will include those restaurants. The restaurants available on the platform will heavily be determined by user interest.

Does the service allow for payment on delivery?

Yes, the service allows for cash payments which includes upon delivery.

Any plans for a maximum delivery time?

At the moment delivery will be handled by existing delivery services hence there will be no maximum time. Based on the needs of the market, we may consider expanding to include a delivery service and if we do then we’ll consider having a maximum delivery time.

Are there other food ordering apps in the Caribbean?

Yes, there are existing food ordering apps in the region such as eat868 in Trinidad and QuikServe in Antigua. However there isn’t a regional food ordering app and most islands do not have any online ordering service available to them, including Grenada. Currently the market favours such a service within the region.

How is the service monetised?

The service is monetised by receiving commission based on orders made through the platform as well as premium options for restaurants to get their restaurants featured.

What advice do you have for other appreneurs in the Caribbean?

Market Research is imperative, always seek to solve an existing problem and not just create something because it is cool. Try your best to solve problems that matters to people and what people are willing to pay for.

Anything else you would like to add?

Patience and persistence is key, don’t feel troubled if your idea isn’t validated. Reassess based on the feedback provided and try again.

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