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Samsung_Android Driver Error

I had this strange error that started happening a few days ago. Started with the S6 edge+ and continued with S8+. I am using latest Windows 10 Insider build. I could no longer access phone files when connected via USB. Under Settings and Bluetooth and other devices it would show SAMSUNG_Android – Driver error.

Samsung_Android Driver Error (1)

I found out that I could fix this by manually installing the default Windows MTP driver as follows. From Device Manager under Portable Devices right click device and select Update driver.

Samsung_Android Driver Error (2)

Select Browse my computer for driver software

Samsung_Android Driver Error (3)

Select Let me pick from a list

Samsung_Android Driver Error (4)

Select MTP USB Device

Samsung_Android Driver Error (5)

And now the error is gone. If you can explain what is causing this problem and why there are two entries for MTP USB Device or know of another way to fix this or this helped you then leave a comment for us below.

Samsung_Android Driver Error (6)

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