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Q and A with Hike Transportation Technologies

Q and A with Hike Transportation Technologies

Pictured above from left to right: Jay Agarwal (CIO), Ayanna Caesar (Director, Marketing PR), Matthew Duke (President and CEO), Charmaine Peart (Director of Digital and Philanthropic Strategy) and Deon Caesar (COO)

How did you guys get started?

HIKE is the brainchild of our visionary President and CEO. He recognized a need, brainstormed solutions with the current management team, and now we are well on our way to showing proof of concept.

How did you come up with the name Hike Transportation Technologies?

The word Hike is synonymous with Journey. A journey can be done by oneself or as part of a group or team. Team Hike promotes Hike and the T&T community journeying together to get to the same destination – we believe Trinidad is poised to be the technological hub of the Caribbean and want to make this a reality. This journey will take time, it will require trust but the destination will be well worth it.

What technologies were used to build your platform?

Our platform is built on AWS with a slew of leading technologies.

Can persons pay with cash?

Yes. Payment with a credit card is another available option.

Any plans to do deliveries?

Not at this time as we focus on our first solution and working with government and others to address the challenges of traffic and limited access to transportation.

Are self-driving cars on your radar?

Not at this time.

What makes your service different from other ride sharing apps?

Our focus on the community. We operate more as a service to drivers than a partner by charging a lead or finder’s fee, rather than a fixed 20 to 30% of a driver’s fare.

Is the service restricted to specific locations?

Our goal is to not restrict the public’s access to alternate means of transportation. We will have driver availability throughout the island.

And what about Tobago?

It will be available there as well.

Tell us about your ambitions to be a regional and global player?

Once our launch is successful we will continue to hike across the globe

What are some of the challenges and what changes will help your service to grow?

One of our challenges is ensuring that there are enough legally operating resources/taxi drivers to meet the rider demand. As we continue to meet with the Ministry of Works and Transportation, as well as other officials and organizations, we believe that solving the H taxi shortage would not only help our business to grow but help meet a tremendous need for safe transportation.

Anything else you would like to add?

Making the communities we operate in better has to be the top priority in order to truly move forward.

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