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[Video] Random Stuff


Good morning Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Internet. My mind told me to do this video this morning to keep my channel going. It is good practice too.

• One of my last Huawei videos has gotten almost one thousand views. I sort of feel like a bite up shilling.
• I am waiting to get my hands on an S8 so I can give you the good stuff. I imagine the photos and videos coming out of that would be sweet like condense milk.
• How do you like my haircut? I cut it myself.
• I am fasting these days and I am managing well. I am labeling this as discipline and progress.
• Question. Do you think we should have a local IT professional grouping, similar to the law association
of Trinidad and Tobago, where (among other things) we vote on key issues?
• Two Fridays ago I interviewed for a job. I think I did ok. The one question that got me was about website performance tools. Something I need to research.
• Question I came across on LinkedIn. What are your top tips for staying calm during a crisis at work. I decided to answer with an acronym. CALM. Compromise. Attention to detail. Listen and Mobilise.
• I would like to plug my tech blog – – A lot of my time and effort and passion is put into each blog post.
• Nothing about Goolge I/O this year excited me. Did anything excite you?
• Interesting article heading I came across – “Is technology making our children developmentally slower?” I would say emphatically not. Tech would not do that. Our tech and other habits might do that.
• Finally I would like to end with some motivational words – Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

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