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Q and A with RSC Technology Club

I knew about this initiative before and I recently read about it again in the newspapers. I enjoy seeing stuff like this and especially since it is in the technology space. I support volunteerism and it is nice that it is happening for these persons at a young age. Something that they can carry into adulthood. I thought it apt that I highlight it on my blog and contacted them and these are the questions I asked. One of the main thing that the club does is refurbish and donate used computer equipment.

How and when was the club formed?

Concept started in 1997 as a personal project with no structure. Officially with structure it was launched as a model in 2015.

How did you come up with the name RSC?

This is really short for ” Restore A Sense of I Can”

What is the aim of the club?

Supporting students through the infusion of technology in education.

What are some of the challenges faced?

Scaling at the rate being requested

Have you thought about partnering with international organisations?

We have

Can other schools join this initiative?

Concept is open to any school. Currently we have clubs in Trinidad, St Lucia, Belize and Costa Rica.

How can interested persons contribute?

We accept various contributions

1. Used computer equipment
2. Support services ( eg mentors, trainers etc)
3. Partnerships with organisations etc.

For information check out their website –

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