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WannaCry and Cybersecurity

This was not a planned or researched blog post. I ended up in a conversation about WannaCry and gave my views as follows. This is what came to me from the top of my head. Firstly what is WannaCry? The name is a cheeky shortened form of WannaCrypt. According to wikipedia it is a ransomware attack using a cryptoworn targeting Windows machines. Basically they encrypt your data meaning you cannot access it and then demand a bitcoin ransom. See screenshot below.

WannaCry and Cybersecurity

This is what was written in one of our dailies – Cybersecurity expert: WannaCry reaches T&T. Mark Lyndersay (the writer) and Shiva I know.

My views on this and cybersecurity are

1) Organisations need dedicated positions to handle information security
2) We in the region can be guided by the CARICOM Single ICT Space which states it “will promote investment, create digital citizens, safeguard against cyber security threats and advance the CARICOM Digital Agenda 2025.”
3) Make cybersecurity relevant through exposure in the media (like you are doing)
4) Keep your software and systems updated
5) Training for IT staff and other staff
6) Know beforehand who you will contact when faced with something like this whether you are a person or organisation

And lastly the writer of this article hit the nail on the head with this – “software — and thus security — is never finished; it makes no sense, then, that payment is a one-time event”

And one more. We in Trinidad have a problem. There is no dedicated Minister of Technology and Ministry of Technology. Tech is too important to not have one. We need someone to take the lead on important matters in the tech space and at that level.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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