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Troubleshooting An App Bug

I recently found and installed the Step by Step Salah – Namaz app. I saw that a lot of persons installed it and I liked the functionality, how it was organised, the content and the simple UI. But I had a problem though. The salah times for my location (using the location from the smartphone) was way off. There is an option to manually change the location but 1) I couldn’t change it to Trinidad and Tobago and 2) every time I restart the app it would go back to the automatic location. This was really bothering me because I really liked the app. I saw in the review others were having the same problem. I put on my troubleshooting hat and figured out what I could do. Revoke location permission for the app which would force it to use my manually set location. Steps on My Samsung S6 edge+

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Applications Manager
  • Locate the app and select it
  • Select Permissions
  • Uncheck location

I contacted the app developers and I am waiting on a reply but I figured out I could use Barbados or Caracas time in the meanwhile. Sharing on my blog for two reasons 1) for anyone experiencing a similar problem and 2) to show how you can troubleshoot and fix your own problems sometimes.

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