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Top up Mobile Phone (in Trinidad) with Scotia Online

Shock and happiness is how I would describe how I felt when I saw that in this morning’s papers that I could top up my mobile using Scotia Online (and ATM). I have been asking for this for years now. This is the earliest tweet I could dig up

.@ScotiabankTT it would be so nice to be able to top-up my mobile from online banking.

@tech_tt Hi Hassan. We appreciate your feedback and will ensure it’s forwarded to the relevant unit for future consideration. Thanks , ^VM

Once logged in to your Scotia online you will see a top up mobile box in the upper right. Select amount and other things on the next screen. Provide your transaction access code and that’s it. According to my mom, “technology sweet”.

You do get the following message in online banking

Important Information:
Please note if you don’t see your airtime available in your mobile device, you will need to contact the Scotiabank contact center to start an inquiry regarding this transaction.

Once top up is finished you will see like this

Account activity notifications.

Success! Your Mobile Top Up to One time top up 3408244 has been completed on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 08:23:44 AM AST. Please keep reference #: 99999999 for your records.

On your mobile you should get a text message like this

Your account has been credited $ 30. Your current balance is $ 42.81, valid until 04/07/2017. Ref: 99999999.

Currently only available for Digicel top ups. Next things I would like to see is account activity notifications via email or text or mobile app, two factor authentication and transfer from PayPal directly to account. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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