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Q and A with CARICOM on Single ICT Space

What is the Single ICT Space?

Heads of Government gave a mandate in March 2014 at the 25th Intercessional meeting to develop a Single ICT Space as a component to building the Digital Economy.

The CARICOM Single ICT Space is an ecosystem of regionally harmonised ICT policies, legislation, regulations, technical standards, best practices, networks and services.

It is envisioned as

an ICT-enabled borderless space that fosters economic, social and cultural integration for the betterment of Caribbean citizens.

The CARICOM Single ICT Space will promote investment, create digital citizens, safeguard against cyber security threats and advance the CARICOM Digital Agenda 2025.

The CARICOM Single ICT Space will foster the digital environment which will be used to support and further the development of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).

The CARICOM Single ICT Space is characterised by:

  • Regionally harmonised ICT policy, legal and regulatory regimes;
  • Robust national and regional broadband infrastructure;
  • Common frameworks for Governments, ICT service providers and consumers; and
  • Effective, secure technology and management systems.

What are the Benefits?

Some of the benefits of the CARICOM Single ICT Space include:

  • Enhancing the national and regional markets and the environment for investment
  • Entrepreneur development, innovation and advancement
  • Ubiquity and consistency of ICT services across CARICOM at affordable prices to citizens
  • Equitable, affordable access to broadband information and communication technologies, which are secure, ubiquitous and reliable; and which facilitate rapid acquisition, processing and dissemination of information
  • Facilitating collaboration and sharing of resources
  • Enhancing regional trade, innovation, competitiveness and citizen welfare
  • Providing digital support for the CSME and support for the realisation of the CARICOM digital economy;
  • Harmonised Policy, Legal and Regulatory framework

What are some of the Challenges in getting this done?

  • How to leverage ICT, to assure the development of CARICOM, and to clearly articulate its role in the region
  • How to foster a more dynamic and competitive business environment that encourages services firms to enhance productivity, offer new services and create new employment
  • Financial resources to implement various activities

Does something similar exist anywhere else in the world?

Germany and Austria have worked aspects of a Single ICT Space.

When is the expected launch date?

There is no specific launch date for the Single ICT Space. The integrated work plan for the Single ICT Space will be presented to Heads of Government in July 2017 for their approval. It is expected to be a five year plan.

It is important to note that some of the work that is required for the Space have already been started or completed in some member states.

How can persons make suggestions for consideration?

Persons can send their suggestions to

Where can persons get more information?

More information can be sourced on the CARICOM website (

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  1. Other challenges include cultural differences when harmonising ICT laws and policy. For example, the law in Jamaica that allowed an activist to be charged for posting information about accused sexual predators might be in harmony with laws in some but not all other territories.

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