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Q and A with Oracle Caribbean Office

Does Oracle have an office in Trinidad?

We are committed to the country success and we work very closely with our partners to deliver the best technology options to the country.

Although Oracle does not have an office in Trinidad & Tobago, our specialized partner community in the island is our greatest asset. They are an integral part of Oracle’s success in the country, you can find our entire ecosystem in our Web site

How can persons contact Oracle Caribbean?

Persons interested in our solutions can contact the Caribbean office located in Puerto Rico or through our partners in Trinidad & Tobago. For more information, we invite you to visit our web site for details and follow our social networks to stay tuned! (Twitter: @OracleCarib, Facebook and LinkedIN: Oracle Latin America)

Is there an Oracle Users Group for the Caribbean?

There are two Oracle User Groups for the Caribbean and both are located in Trinidad & Tobago. The Oracle Applications Caribbean User Group (OACUG) which its core theme is Oracle’s applications; and the Caribbean Oracle User Group (COUG) which concentrates in technology solutions.

Any statistics for the Caribbean that you can share

Oracle Corporation is a public company as a result we have restrictions to share any statistics. We invite you to visit where you can find and share interesting information about our company and our solutions.

Is there a partner listing for Trinidad and the Caribbean?

You can visit the following link to find all registered Oracle partners: Please go to to Location → Latin America → Trinidad & Tobago

What key features are coming to Oracle in the future?

Oracle is a dynamic company, we are moving forward the technology to give benefits for our customers. The cloud is part of the present and will be the future for companies. In 2020, most of the data of the companies will be held on the cloud, this will be the safest environment on IT and 80% of the workloads will run on the cloud.

Users need their data to be available at any time and in every place, so that is one of the reasons why this is becoming so big for tech process. Oracle is ahead with this, we are running strategies focused on what the users need, created to solve their everyday work and also to make their lives easier.

Also, we at Oracle listen constantly to the users, we work very close to them to understand how we can transform their business, give those solutions that provide them with the latest technology, so they can be more agile.

Why choose Oracle?

Oracle is the only provider that has an end to end solution, with its applications available at a local datacenter or in the cloud, easy to migrate and proven by thousands of customers in the world.

Oracle provides a wide choice of software, systems, and cloud deployment models—including public, on-premises, and hybrid clouds—to ensure that technology flexes to the unique needs of a business.

Also, Oracle Cloud is a complete, integrated stack of platform, infrastructure, and application services. With advanced scalability and security, Oracle Cloud enables technical agility across the enterprise, connects people to information for clearer insights, and fosters efficiency through simplified workflows.

With more than 420,000 customers across 145 countries, the market knows our products and have harnessed Oracle technology to accelerate their digital transformation.

Anything else you would like to add?

We invite the users to try our technology, to know our products and start imaging what can Oracle do for their business, how they can change the company using technology as a service, with a cloud that provide them all the benefits that they need and that their clients are asking for, like flexibility, agility, solutions and answers for those problems that doesn’t let them evolve.

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