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Huawei Y6 II – My First Impressions

Thanks to Huawei for providing this device for review. Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. They have an office in Trinidad and they are focused on smartphones and devices, communications technology and the smart country. My journey to collect the phone started in Cunupia. There was start and stop rain in Port of Spain. It was my second visit to Huawei’s office. After leaving Huawei, a walk around the corner took me to Pollo Tropical where I sat, setup the phone and gave it some charge from my battery pack. I then walked over to the Savannah to get some test camera shots.

Check out a previous blog post – Some Things to Consider When Purchasing a Smartphone. I am using this phone as my daily driver for the next two weeks to be able to write a review at the end. The review will look at camera, battery life, ease of use and build among other things. Part of my review process is to look at other reviews and also look at what customers are saying. Reviews and feedback are important. These feed into the development cycle and lead to future improvements. This first impressions is a precursor.

The first thing that stood out for me was the bright red and clean packaging. The other thing was the large screen. Something you might not expect for a mid range budget smartphone. The setup was typical. Huawei phones come with their own Emotion UI (EMUI). The software navigation buttons (bottom) was strange to me at first. I am used to hitting the physical home button to wake up my phone. I was happy to see the OTA FM radio app, something that I don’t see in the flagship phones. I was surprised to see support for dual SIMs. However, only one SIM supports 4G. One disappointment was seeing two speaker grills at the bottom but learning that it was not stereo speakers and sound only comes from the right grill. The camera takes decent shots.

My first impressions leave me thinking this is a really nice phone for the price and category. I will have more to say in my full review. My cousin was asking me about smartphones the other day and one of the things that I took away from that conversation was that customers should have the benefit of local warranty, support and repairs. This is something that Huawei provides. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

UPDATES : Videos uploaded to my YouTube channel

A Quick Look at the Huawei Y6 II
Emotion UI (EMUI) on Huawei Y6 II – Tips, Tricks and Useful Features

Full review has been published

My Review of the Huawei Y6 II

Device shots below

Huawei Y6 II - My First Impressions 1

Huawei Y6 II - My First Impressions 3.jpg

Huawei Y6 II - My First Impressions 2.jpg


  1. I was told that warranty repairs are handled by Bagalito Enterprises. I am guessing they would also repair devices not under warranty at a cost to you.

  2. cptawesomett

    I’m disappointed in the fact that they do not ensure their full range of phones are available locally. I had to import a Mate 9 which is the best phone I’ve ever used, and I’ve used many. Also I’ll be more than happy to write reviews for their devices if provided with samples.

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