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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Bitz Leon – Software Developer

How would you define a techie?

As the name suggests, anyone who is interested in technology- may it be hardware or software.

Tell us about yourself (short bio).

I will call myself Bitz Leon- as it is the name I have always gone by. I am from Trinidad and I have had an interest in tech since I was 6, only getting into any kind of development at the age of 12. Went to DeVry University and graduated with a BSc in Computer Information Systems and Systems Security.

How has tech improved your life?

To me, that feels like asking a person “how has breathing improved your life?”. Tech is so inherently a part of my life that I cannot define myself without saying that tech is a part of my life in the most inclusive ways.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad and Tobago?

So many government run systems would benefit from modernization and computerization. For example, most consumer facing facets such as Public Transport and Public Utilities and Health Care would benefit from being modernized. Also- education. Though, some schools have been taking the initiative to actually have an online presence beyond a mundane web portal.

How did you end up studying and living in US?

Studying abroad was always my goal after Form 6. I had no interest in going to UWI to get a standard education by UWI’s standards. (This was around the time when I was helping my step-dad with his Access Database Project for his Masters). Plus- I knew the job market would be much larger in the US. Affording myself a chance to work here gave me a chance to improve my standard of living.

Do you think a country should tax online shopping?

Yes- though the % Trinidad’s government settled on is absurdly high.

Is CES becoming too mundane?

It’s becoming less about something “new” and more so about innovating the same old products. It’s a consumer based show- and consumers are predisposed to getting the shinier newer version of what they already have. So, by nature, that is what everyone will try to showcase. So, in short- yes. But only because it is what it is.

What question would you ask yourself and how would you answer it?

What do you want to learn next? AngularJS and App Development. It’s been on my mind but I can’t find some time.

What has keys but no locks, space but no room and you can enter but you can’t go in side?

Keyboard? Though technically a keyboard has (caps)locks…

What tech would you like to own?

I really want to build a tower PC- but I really have nowhere to put it and no time to use it.

Would you choose a million dollars or a year with Bill Gates?

Bill himself isn’t front facing anymore. Not much I can learn from him, and I don’t think he would match that 1 mil in cash himself, so I’ll take the cash.

The best advice you have received?

Drink lots of water

Mouse or touchpad?


What sports teams do you support?

Uh. I don’t follow any. Yankees I guess?

What tourist things must I do when I Trinidad?

Go buy a doubles. That’s all. Buy your doubles and leave.

What tech event would you like to attend?

CES. The shiny lights tho.

How would you invest a million dollars?

Neural Net Research or companies that specialize in Neural Computing. Once Quantum computing becomes more viable, I can see computer learning becoming explosively viable as well.

What future technology interests you?

Neural networks and computer learning.

If you had to start a tech company what would you call it and why?

BitzNet. Don’t know, already decided this like 6 years ago.

How can you use technology to help benefit your community?

Introduce online shopping. Man, I would love if more stores acknowledged the rapidly growing market.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Do you think there should be more focus on improving hardware or software systems?

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