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Work In Progress : History of the internet in Trinidad and Tobago

I had this idea (for some time now) of doing a blog post about the history of the internet in Trinidad and Tobago. Got my hands on a scan of this September 21 1995, Newsday article when TSTT launched their internet service. I couldn’t find this online. I have reformatted it for sharing on this blog. If you have any articles, links, dates or other information about “the history of the internet in Trinidad and Tobago” please send them to me in the comments below. So this blog post will be a ‘Work in Progress’ and I’m starting with this article. Plans are to contact media houses, NALIS, TT Archives, historians, TATT, ISPs and the likes.


INTERNET FUN. TSTT’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Martin, (second from left) makes a jovial point, encouraging smiles from TSTT’s Public Relations Manager, Patt Christopher (left), Newsday reporters Horace Monsegue and Kris Rampersad, along with TSTT’s Marketing Analyst, Sherry Ragoo (far right), at yesterday’s Internet demonstration.

Page 4 NEWSDAY Thursday September 21, 1995

TSTT surfs the Internet

MORE TRAFFIC joined the Information Superhighway, yesterday, when Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) launched its Internet Service at a special media communications workshop at Textel House, Edward Street, Port-of-Spain.

Participants were able to “cruise” the Superhighway, as TSTT revealed the latest advancement in technology that is turning the world into a “global village.”

Chief Executive Officer of TSTT, Samuel Martin said that the speed of technological advancement was so astonishing “that it is all too easy to be left behind.”

Martin said that the launching of the TSTT Internet Service will now make it possible for customers to be able to dial-up access or have dedicated access to the Worldwide Web through a local node. Martin said that in early 1996, TSTT expects to introduce Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) which will enable the transport of voice, data and video on a single line.

Martin added, “International incoming 800 services will be available by the end of this year and Pay 800 Service in 1996, to allow customers to access 1-800 numbers.”

“Public fax, video conferencing and Personal Communication Services are all part of the planned product offering which will complement or be added to the current range of services TSTT now offers.”

Jean Wilson, acting General Manager of TSTT’s Marketing Department explained that significant infrastructural work had to be conducted in introducing not only Internet but also Call Master. “In only six months our engineers were able to complete work on the modernisation of the exchanges.”

This feat was accomplished in what Nortel (Northern Telecom) described as ‘industry record time’, Wilson said. She said, “Nortel has been so impressed by what has been achieved here that they have requested TSTT’s participation in joint presentation with themselves at international fora.”

Wilson said there are 10 services being offered. “The services are being sold singly or in multitudes to meet the needs of our customers, satisfying their requirements for privacy, convenience and security.”

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