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Bmobile rolls out Wi-Fi on maxi-taxis

Update (18 Jan 2017 10:57 pm) According to the press release over 300,000 commuters will benefit from the initiative. It also notes that productivity benefits from increased connectivity. There are about 5000 maxi taxis in Trinidad and Tobago. One maxi taxi driver stated that the service will increase ridership and it is also useful for drivers in between trips.

Came across this news piece that was just shared. According to the posting, 250 maxis have already signed up, and more are lining up to join. The participating maxis serve different routes and can be distinguished by a sticker which reads “Bmobile Free Wi-Fi Onboard”

I applaud this move and will definitely be on the lookout for these maxis. No mention as to the speeds but I am guessing they are using the mobile broadband LTE network which I remember is around 2 Mbps. Also note that PTSC has their Wi-Fi on buses initiative which uses the Digicel mobile network.

I emailed to get the press release and also I have some questions. Will update the blog then. Please share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments below.

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