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[Photos] bmobile’s Mobile 4G LTE Media Launch Event

Another event and another photo story. I’m coming from central so I made sure and left early, like 5:45am early. No problem for transport and no traffic. Reached in Port-of-Spain before 7am, had breakfast, went to the education tower for business and then headed over to TSTT house. Enjoy the following photo story.

City Gate. My last stop on my travel to Port of Spain

Passersby were treated to complimentary doubles

Venue of media launch, TSTT house

A trickle of persons in the beginning

Chairman and CEO chatting

Things get started

Staff perform a live speed test

Chairman gives his remarks

My speed test results

Mark Lyndersay interviews the CTO

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  1. jake

    11mbs down, are you kidding me? This is 2016, the other networks i’m getting 6+mbs on H+ at peek times. So you telling me they invest all that cash just to get 11mbs and a ping of 139ms. To think they have the nerve to say over 55mbs stueeeeps. Look just come and take down them copper cable that making this country look like a mess yes and stop wasting money.

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