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bmobile Mobile 4G LTE Launch (Trinidad and Tobago)

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Digicel was the first to bring us HSPA+ “4G” mobile data followed by bmobile. Bmobile has had 4G LTE mobile broadband for some time now. Now bmobile is first with mobile LTE. An ad in today’s papers states, “T&T’s first 4G LTE network – Live the excitement.” We (media) have been invited to the launch today. Also the following was posted to bmobile’s facebook page an hour ago

T&T’s First 4G LTE Network is here! This is the world’s fastest wireless technology, capable of delivering data speeds up to 10x faster than other technologies. Bmobile is the only network in the country to offer 4G LTE technology to both mobile and residential customers. That’s why we are THE 4G LTE network.

TATT is yet to publicly assign carriers to the 700 Mhz band which can be used for mobile LTE and has better penetration and less interference especially for built-up areas. So I’ve been looking online to understand the different bands and mobile technologies. There is GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE and spectrum and different bands used and assigned to these for Digicel and bmobile. Found this tool that has this type of information and hopefully it is updated in a timely fashion.

So bmobile will move 2G GSM EDGE off 1900 and use it for LTE until 700 is assigned. That’s what I am thinking. Wikipedia has LTE as ‘coming soon’ for Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago). I am thinking two things, they are waiting on 700 Mhz and much of their investment money and effort has gone into rolling out Digicel Play (FTTH). LTE is supposed to bring higher speeds and better performance when done right. Hopefully we don’t end up with a speed cap and deteriorating speeds and performance as the network gets saturated. I had to be professional and not say anything before launch day. I so wanted to tweet out, “mobile LTE is launching in Trinidad and Tobago on Friday”.

Naturally customers will want the latest technology and all that comes with that. I turned to my social streams and asked the question, “What do you want from your mobile data? e.g. (better speed, ping, coverage, unlimited data)” All those were mentioned and more. Like unconditional rollover data, speed tiers and pricing, shared data plans, better pricing, reliability, optional ad blocking and unlimited video and music streaming (controversial – think net neutrality). Someone made the point that the carriers might not be able to do unlimited data because it puts voice and text profitability at risk.

Wireless internet is great for hard to reach and less built up areas which are usually underserved. World class internet and communications services is a boon for Trinidad and Tobago. It supports a mobile workforce and entrepreneurship among other things. I look forward to seeing what the initial coverage map and pricing looks like. I am guessing that customers can use LTE and fall back to HSPA+ where there is no LTE. I will bring you further information from the launch so stay tuned. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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