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bMobile Rebranding

It was teased in the papers before today. The new bMobile logo is simple and modern and excites you to think what’s next? The tech space has been waiting for LTE (on mobile phones) and I was reminded recently that Mobile TV was suppose to be a thing. Recently HD voice calling was launched. Mobile data is capped at speed and amount. Maybe we can look forward to higher speeds and an unlimited option? Or maybe unlimited means you have to walk with a MiFi device?

When I contacted the bMobile facebook page to enquire when LTE is coming, I was told

Hey Hassan,

We have a lot of announcements coming and can’t share beforehand… please watch our page for what’s to come.

Also, it was reported in the Express newspapers this morning that

REPUBLIC Bank Ltd (RBL) and majority State-owned telecoms provider Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) will today share details of a $2 billion financing package to partially fund TSTT’s $3.7 billion strategic plan to invest in new technology and infrastructure.

The information was contained in an email invitation to get details of the strategic plan sent to media houses by TSTT’s advertising agency yesterday.

My observation is that customers want the latest technologies, they want more speed, more data, less downtime, more coverage and all priced to fit their budget. What I have learnt is that good choices and good competition benefits the customers. And with number portability you can keep your number and switch to the provider that works for you. What do you think about the rebranding? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


  1. The re-branding made me feel a bit excited but not enough to make me switch carriers yet. But lets wait and see the new services and plans they come with.

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