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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Keron McLeish – Mobile Expert

How would you define a techie?

A techie is someone who has a passion for anything in regards to the tech industry. If you eat, sleep and breathe tech and you are willing to go broke just to keep up with the latest gadgets, you are definitely a techie.

Tell us about yourself (short bio).

I was born in Trinidad, left when I was just a few months old and migrated to Canada with my mom. Spent 27 years there before deciding to move back home and enjoy my homeland. I have worked in the mobile industry for over 10 years for some pretty cool companies like Telus, Rogers, Apple, just to name a few. I came back to Trinidad to be closer to my family and seize a lot of the opportunities that are available right here in T&T especially when it comes to the mobile industry. I love watching and playing basketball, fav. food is roti & curry goat, I love to read on my off time and spend time with my kids.

How has tech improved your life?

Tech has definitely allowed me to pursue my vocation. I believe that we are all here to help each other one way or the other. Through technology, I am now able to pursue my passions and help people understand technology and how it can enrich their lives.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad?

Where do we even begin with this question lol? In a lot of government services, we are still using paper and pen. I believe if more technology was used in our institutions it would definitely help speed up and automate a lot of the services in T&T.

Tell us about Droid Island?

Droid Island is the android authority in T&T. We focus on the Android ecosystem because Android has 85% of all the mobile market share in the world. It isn’t just about the sales with us. We are growing our database to help people learn how to get the most out of Android, bringing you the news, we blog about different issues that affect the mobile industry in T&T and we are your mobile experts here to help you with any questions you have. We will be focusing on bringing products that are doing great on the international stage but have not made their way to the islands as yet and offering services that will better assist the public with any other mobile needs. Every country has their resident mobile experts and caters their reviews, products and news to their country, we are striving to be the Caribbean’s Mobile Experts.

What makes a review good?

I believe there are quite a few different ways to offer reviews and they all have their place. There are written reviews, video reviews, short overviews, once they can communicate the information effectively I believe they are good. Sometimes we don’t want to take 15 min to watch a review or read a lengthy review, and we need reviews that are short and to the point. While every review has their place, we focus more on the short reviews just so you can get all the information needed about a device and if you have more questions, you can always contact us.

Do we need a third mobile provider in Trinidad?

Hmm, maybe 3 or 4 lol. The competition will always bring out the best deals for the consumers but the consumers must also be willing to demand service out of these providers.

What would you do if there was no Internet for a week?

In Canada, I would have lost my mind. In T&T, I would definitely hit the beach, read more, get out on some hikes and spend more time with the family.

Replace each letter with a digit between 1 and 8 to make the equation XAB+YZCD=ZEXYXAB+YZCD=ZEXY true. Each letter represents a different digit.

Lol, I don’t have a clue, I hate riddles

What colour would you paint all the cars in Trinidad and why that colour?

Bright yellow, anything bright for that matter. That way everybody can see the cars at night and maybe we reduce some accidents.

Would you choose a million dollars or a year with Bill Gates?

A year with Bill Gates, the wisdom he will bestow on me will far outweigh the money. I am positive I will be able to make a few million by the time I am done with Mr. Gates.

The best advice you have received?

I have 2. First is, success is not measured by materials but by your happiness. 2) Just because you took longer than others, does not mean you are a failure.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Android?

Strengths: Open source, affordability, customization, innovation. Weakness: Fragmentation, a lot of quality products due to the fact anybody can make Android, update process.

What sports teams do you support?

Toronto Raptors, and Golden State Warriors

How can we fix Android fragmentation?

Hmmm, very good question. I think the sheer number of Android manufacturers out there pumping out the volume of devices that they are makes it a problem. You know your flagship devices will be updated for at least 2 years, and everything is never really guaranteed. That said, there will always be fragmentation. The only way to stop it may be for Google to limit manufacturers for putting out so many devices *cough* Samsung *cough* or Google putting their foot down and mandating the process. Maybe tell the OEMS that they need to guarantee at least 2 years’ worth of updates within 90 days of a software release or face a stiff penalty.

Folders or icons on the home screen?

Folders and widgets ☺, hope that’s not cheating.

How would you invest a million dollars?

I would be buying shares in Xiaomi, Leeco, and Huawei. They are 3 of the hottest mobile tech companies out and I think they are on the cusp of doing some great things in 2017.

What future technology interests you?

VR seems very promising, and I hope google glass comes back with a bang.

Would you build a robot or be an android?

I think I would rather build a robot. When it is my time to leave this earth, I would like to go on time and not prolong it.

What question would you ask the next techie?

What is your definition of the perfect smartphone and what would it have to do for you.

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