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Review of APC Back-UPS 350

Update 15 NOV 2016 : I was told that it is not necessary to charge cycle the UPS periodically even though my intuition is telling me this could be healthy for the battery and is also an opportunity to test the UPS.

Also it was brought to my attention that since this model has no AVR it means that it goes to battery when there are voltage fluctuations which will wear the battery quicker. If AVR is needed go for a more advanced model with this feature.

APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products (wikipedia). I was provided with this UPS through a local PR firm. It’s always nice when companies take the initiative like this. The letter stated

With the critical understanding you play as a communicator and the level of responsibility and challenges you assume on a daily basis, we are pleased to provide you with a UPS, which we hope serves as a valuable resource in protecting your devices and information.

The UPS comes with the battery disconnected. You are required to connect the battery before use. The instruction booklet is clear but feel free to ask the store for help in setting it up, explaining how it works and verifying that it works before leaving. Also ask for your warranty.

I looked at some of the customer reviews online. A lot of it was good. One person did want the power switch to also turn off the surge outlets. I agree this should be an option. Keep in mind this is the most basic model with no voltage regulation, no software (for auto shutdown for example) and no LED display. It is designed as a budget option. Another person didn’t like the annoying beep while on battery. This is ok for desktop computers and routers and modems and buys you a short period of time during power interruptions. I do associate quality with this brand.

During my review period power went once and I was able to get 15 mins to power my standing fan because it was HOT that day. Typical recharge time is 16 hours. Battery should last about 3 to 5 years. My recommendation would be if you have the money go for a model with more features and more juice. In doing research for this review I Googled for “APC Trinidad” and was the first result. I contacted them and spoke to someone there. I was told that they are the distributor (and service center) for APC for the Caribbean region and that your requirements is a major factor in what UPS they recommend you buy. Their website has a nice list of resellers.

Here is a nice article – Recommendations for Prolonging the Life of Your UPS Battery and full product details can be found here. Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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