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My Notes – Speech given at launch of Barbados ICT Week

When I came across this article – Barbados pressing ahead with ICT programme – my interest was piqued. I wanted a full listing of what comprised this ICT programme. Not only because my blog covers the regional tech space but also because I feel we in Trinidad (and other countries) could learn a thing or two from this.

I contacted Senator Darcy Boyce’s office and even sent him an email and I got no response. I went on to contact the Barbados Goverment Information Service who were kind enough to provide me with the full speech (given at the launch of Barbados ICT Week). Here are my notes from that speech. The theme was “Conquering Resource Constraints and Enhancing Effectiveness through Collaboration – Making Barbados Work Better”

  • Implementation of the single ICT space in CARICOM
  • Work with CANTO, telecommunications companies and government on issues in that space
    • Number portability
    • OTT services
    • Spectrum assignment
    • Cybersecurity
    • Roaming at time of use
  • Sustainable development through use of ICTs, high speed networks, training and enhanced processes
  • Regional and consistent policies
  • Closing the digital divide
  • Local content in the digital space
  • Use of tech in the tourism and education spaces (among others)
  • eGovernment citizen services
  • Regional public key infrastructure

Photo credit : CARICOM

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