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T&TEC Paperless eBill System

TTEC (Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission) recently launched their paperless ebilling system. I signed up for the service. All of my banking statements and billing are paperless now. In addition to being efficient and convenient we are saving the trees and being good to the environment. No more waiting for the paper bill in the mail.

The only problem I had when signing up was that it makes you reenter ALL the registration information if there is an error in any of the fields. The website uses SSL to protect the privacy of your data. The CWA in the url stands for Customer Web Access. I read a post by the RIC that T&TEC processes 460,000 bills. Improvements and savings for T&TEC means improvements and savings for us.

Emails are very dependable but not totally dependable. I put reminders in my calendar to remember stuff, I check my SPAM folder for false negatives and I will check the system if I realise I am supposed to get a bill by now. I am used to and prefer to pay bills via internet banking rather than credit cards on the different websites.

Read their FAQs here. T&TEC really needs to get with the times and establish their social media presence. My observation is that people look for official channels when they come across information on social media. Let me know your thoughts and about your experience in the comments below.

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