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Installing Windows 10 From A Hard Drive Partition

I had no flash drive or blank DVD. BIOS won’t recognise my SD card. I needed to install from one of my partitions on the laptop. From msconfig you can see the boot options. Using command bcdedit you can add to and modify these options. I couldn’t find any documentation or example showing how what I wanted could be done. I did find this video showing how to use EasyBCD to get this done. What I ended up with is something like this



It does warn about having EFI mode enabled in the BIOS / see this /. During my last reinstall I had to disable UEFI secure boot in the BIOS because I got a [FAIL] message after reboot. The entry added successfully message takes a few seconds to show and is not persistent but the entry does get added. Make sure you have a proper backup. Also not sure if this affects the recovery partition that comes with the laptop. Things to keep in mind. Let me know how you would go about something like this in the comments below.

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