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Q&A with Coded Arts, Trinidad Based Game Development Company

Tell us about Coded Arts.

Coded Arts was formed by a group of artists, animators, programmers and engineers in December 2015. We’ve known each other for quite some time as we were both doing game development with our respective teams. After some time working separately, we met up at the same incubator, where we decided rather than to just do it individually, we chose to work together.

How did you come up with the name Coded Arts and what does it mean?

That’s funny, because it came from about 20 names we couldn’t figure out which one was best. In the end it came down to Coded Arts or Kiskidee Studios. Ultimately, Coded Arts seemed to be the obvious choice, as the name showcased the fusion between Software Engineers and the creative direction from Animators and Artists. The logo’s idea is to showcase that fusion.

Who are the team behind Coded Arts?

As it stands, main team members are comprised of Andy Berahazar, our Creative director responsible for overseeing all creative/interactive media projects. Brian Perry, our IT Director, leads the engineers and oversees all forms of code, engineering and any related matter within our company, and Manuel Browne, who is responsible for overseeing all operations of the company as the Managing Director.

Tell us about some projects you are working on.

We’re currently working on Char Su’s Great Adventure, a 3D platform where a boy travels around the Caribbean to defeat evil folklore characters throughout the game. It’s one of our internal projects we’d like to see hit the market next year, but time has been a huge constraint. Second project is Patent. We’re working on using VR to showcase for education and navigation purposes.

How can we use video games and VR in Trinidad and the region?

Video games in Trinidad, can’t be used ONLY for fun, there is an educational side of it as well. We’ve been working with to prepare a course for an introduction into game development for beginners and experienced programmers. Using this as a platform to not only teach people the wonders of game development, but also as an introductory course into programming itself. The world is advancing and the education sector has not been keeping up, with regards to where the future is going, so why not put a stepping stone into that future with a little fun and joy of creating a game of your own?

What are some of the tech you use?

As it stands, we have a full body 3D motion capture suit and an Oculus Rift which is used to achieve production efficiency. We are currently working towards acquiring other Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware to expand our production capabilities. We have workstations we use with Dual GTX 980s and i7 Processors to do our 3D rendering, modelling, program compiling and animation. Game development is not cheap, but you don’t need a beast computer to start. Just good mind-set and a need for learning.

What is needed for game development (in Trinidad) to take off?

People to be more interested. As it stands, the community is still pretty small, not only here, but in the Caribbean as well. Our Latin American counterparts have over-taken us in this field in Chile and in Brazil, who currently have schools dedicated for teaching game development. So as it stands, we’re still far behind.

Anything you would like to add?

Trinidad is a land where its human resource has the remarkable hidden potential to soar to heights beyond their own imagination in whatever field they belong. However, we feel limited in our capacity that we won’t achieve international recognition for what we start out on. The challenges we face throughout our experiences as professionals and as a people should never hinder us to be limited to what we are known for. It is time we, as nation became known for more.

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