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25 Shortcomings in the ICT Space in Trinidad and the Region

I think it’s useful to think about what the shortcomings are when looking to develop policies and strategies to move forward. I came up with this list of things we could consider when looking to improve the ICT space in the region. I was helped by persons in my social streams who answered the question – What do you think Trinidad and the region is lacking in terms of ICT? Let’s improve on this listing. Share and comment below.

  • Don’t ignore the basics. Do the simple things right. Sometimes we get caught up in the next big thing and the buzzwords. Every organisation should have properly managed email, website and social media where persons can get support and questions answered.
  • Online, computerised and paperless processes and services.
  • Systems to support social programmes. Persons should not be falling through the cracks to the point where they feel that crime is an option.
  • Knowledge sharing through forums, groups, blogs, meetups and social media.
  • A national ICT plan with action items and due dates where the higher ups are made to account when items are not completed.
  • Proper IT staffing of the organisations we depend on.
  • Information Technology as a core subject in the education system like Maths and English.
  • eTextbooks and smart classrooms.
  • Investment and financing for the ICT space.
  • Support and encouragement for entrepreneurship in the ICT space.
  • Support for easy mobile and online payments for local businesses.
  • Proper leadership and a culture of change and support. A ministry of technology headed by a tech savvy minister of technology.
  • A greater push for stuff like the CARICOM single ICT space.
  • Reduce the digital divide. We have a digital divide survey. Show us what was done based on this survey.
  • Make decisions based on qualified data and follow up with recommendations from these ICT reports and studies.
  • Support the visionaries and actively get feedback from stakeholders. People are often eager to say what is wrong and how we can fix it.
  • Open data initiatives.
  • World class and reliable internet infrastructure.
  • Mobile and work from home workforce.
  • Be creators as much as we are consumers
  • Fully utilise the technology that is available.
  • Understand, use and promote ICT as a vehicle for growth.
  • Market our talent and infrastructure to encourage investment.
  • Use tech to push the diversification and tourism thrust.
  • Media needs to give tech a much bigger space and importance. Put tech on the front pages sometimes. Start the news off with tech sometimes.

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  1. I think we need more push in the area of content creation and how it can be useful to us here in the region.

    ISPs offer asymmetrical internet speeds because we consume more data than we create. Some offer as little as 1Mbps to 3Mbps upload speeds and boast of offering download speeds of 100Mbps. I think we need to push these ISPs to increase their upload speeds so we can start creating more local content.

    Also why do our local cable providers not include closed captioning on most of their channels? T&T has an aging population just like many other countries. Why exclude many hard of hearing persons from programming content? Many companies put up big screen tvs in public areas and turn off the volume. Closed captions if they were available might actually make sense in these areas.

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