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Press Release: DIGICEL Blazes 100,000 Mbps Fibre Speed In Barbados

Monday, September 5th, 2016 – BARBADOS: Digicel today announced that, in tandem with its technology partner Huawei, it had delivered fibre speeds of 100,000Mbps (100Gbps) in a real live environment in Barbados. This follows a successful test of 10,000Mbps in Jamaica earlier this year.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, was announced as Digicel’s Chief Speed Officer, the test was successfully conducted at Baobab Towers, St. Michael, Barbados on Monday, August 22nd on Digicel’s 100% fibre-optic access network. This was the first of its kind in the region making Barbados the “fastest” country in the Caribbean. The achievement is a significant one for the Caribbean nation as the successful test took place less than 100 days to Barbados’ celebrations of 50 years of independence.

For perspective, there are over 1 billion websites on the internet today which, using this 100Gbps technology, could be downloaded in just over one week. A high definition movie would download instantly and the download speeds possible would be faster than the ability of most devices to store the information at the same speed.

Commenting on the 100Gbps result, Conor Looney, CEO of Digicel Barbados, stated; “All fibre networks are not the same and demonstrating 100Gbps on a real network here in Barbados proves this. We are ready for the future needs of our Home and Business customers and we are not only in line with – but ahead of – what is happening in the most technologically advanced countries in the world. There is no reason why the Caribbean should not be a true leader and innovator in global communications. The team here in Barbados has shown what is possible in the future and how we are ready for all future needs. It is an extremely proud day for Digicel, our technology partner Huawei and indeed for Barbados.”

Chenyue Allen, General Manager, Huawei Technologies Jamaica Office also commented: “Today is a proud day for Huawei. Working with Digicel, we have achieved incredible things and we are changing the lives of customers for the better. Using our New Generation 100G WDM Technology we have shown that speeds of 100Gbps are possible right up to a customer location on a real network. Digicel and Huawei continue to go from strength to strength and the future is very exciting for us both.”

In welcoming the news, Senator the Hon. Darcy W. Boyce, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister said; “This is indeed a significant achievement for the island nation of Barbados. In our fiftieth year of independence and with the Internet ever-more critical to economic development and empowerment, I look to the future with confidence knowing that Barbados is at the forefront of the knowledge economy. The possibilities are indeed limitless.”

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