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Q&A – Green Tech and Green Energy

Mitch from SaveOnEnergy sent me this info-graphics through my blog. Link : The Impact of Future Technology on Saving Energy. I used this as an opportunity to have a Q&A on green tech and green energy with these subject matter experts. I would also like to plug the Caribbean GreenTech Accelerator.

Briefly tell us about SaveOnEnergy?

SaveOnEnergy provides an expansive Learning Center featuring a wide range of topics, but focuses on how to be eco-friendly and save energy. SaveOnEnergy is an energy marketplace primarily offering services in Texas.

Is SaveOnEnergy useful to my region? (Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean)

Although the marketplace is not available to residents in the Caribbean, SaveOnEnergy provides a variety of resources in our Learning Center that are beneficial to all. We even have a section just for kids to learn about taking care of the world around them.

If I use a renewable energy source, is energy saving still relevant?

Using renewable energy is great and encouraged, but there are so many other ways we use energy and resources throughout the day that might not be as green. Finding ways to save energy with everything we do is another step we can take to reduce our impact on the environment.

What are some of the barriers to adopting green tech and renewable energy?

The initial cost investment is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome, particularly on the personal level. There are probably questions as to whether the investment is worthwhile, whether the technology will last or whether it will cause an inconvenience. For other people, it’s just inertia. They’ve been doing things one way for so long – and it works for them – so they see no reason to change.

What kind of legislation is needed? (For example, persons wanting to connect their energy systems to the grid)

Tax incentives and government programs that help foster a renewable energy conversation and incentivize positive change would encourage a lot of people to try renewable energy.

What is green tech and green energy?

Green tech can help create green energy. For example, windfarms represent green tech, as do solar roadways. These are technologies that produce renewable energy with a limited impact on the surrounding environment. Green tech can also be a means to help people conserve energy, such as smart thermostats or LED lights.

What are your thoughts on green tech?

Green technology is going to continue to play an important part in our future. As we continue to improve technologies they should come down in price and see increased use. As natural resources become more scarce it’s important to look at green technology now to plan for the future.

In what ways can we reduce the cost of green energy?

Wider adoption will reduce the cost of green energy, but that leads to the chicken or the egg question. People can’t adopt the technology until the price decreases! Government rebates and tax incentives will encourage adoption and then that widespread adoption will lead to the improvement of technology and lower cost.

Anything else you would like to add? has created some great resources for readers to learn more about solar and wind energy.

Thanks a lot Mitch for this information.

Photo credit : Jim McDougall

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