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Government Free Public WiFi in Trinidad and Tobago (TTWiFi)

Update (1 September 2016) : The service has since been launched on several PTSC bus routes. For details checkout the website

Update (12 April 2016) : When the Minister was asked for an update this was his response

As promised, during the debate on the Appropriation Bill late last year, a high priority of Government is the deployment of Free Public WiFi in popular areas. The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications is working in close collaboration with the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Information & Communication Technology Company Limited (iGovTT) and other stakeholders on this important initiative. We expect to deliver the first Pilot Phase of the WiFi initiative no later than end of July, 2016. Among the expected benefits to citizens and business will be increased access to Government information and services.

The Government through the Ministry of Public Administration posted a link to this survey on their facebook page. The survey starts off with

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT) through the Ministry of Public Administration intends to deploy free public wireless Internet service to enable citizens across all strata to access online information and services on the go.

The GoRTT wants to establish a brand for this service that is easily and clearly recognizable to all citizens. The Ministry is therefore seeking your assistance to test two potential names and logos for the Wi-Fi service

Free public WiFi sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t like free or WiFi? Although free is not free since it is costing the country (and taxpayers) something. Once we can justify it and show the benefits and cost, I am all for it. Also give us a timeline and the areas where it will be rolled out. Tell us if there will be any restrictions, what technologies are being considered and what speeds can we expect. I think preference should be given to the underserved areas and bridging the digital divide.

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