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Trinidad and Tobago WordPress Meetup

These are the sort of things that will push the ICT space forward in Trinidad. I am committing myself to attend some of the future meetups. Trinidad and Tobago WordPress Meetup is a monthly meeting planned for the last Thursday in the month (join the meetup group for confirmed details and to take part in the online discussions – Thanks to Nicholas Sandiford for sharing his notes with me. I have paraphrased this and I am sharing it below in bullet point format.

  • Imanuel Gittens (from WebGold) is one of the organisers.
  • The idea for this came about when he attended WooConf 2016.
  • It is something that was lacking in Trinidad.
  • The meetup touched on the benefits and reasons to use WordPress and how it got started.
  • We in Trinidad can use tech to sell our culture (among other things) and WordPress is one tool.
  • The meetup is open to everyone (programmers, bloggers, event mangers, etc).
  • 26% of the web is made up of WordPress.
  • 39% of e-commerce websites use WooCommerce.
  • WordPress is translated into 56 languages.
  • It is free and open source.
  • Big companies use WordPress, such as CNN, PlayStation, GigaOm and Tech Crunch.
  • About 30 persons attended the first meetup.
  • WordPress is free for everyone to use with thousands of themes, plugins and lots of tutorials.
  • Future meetups will be specific to topics (blogging, coding, gaming, entrepreneurship and helping non profit organisations).
  • The last Thursday of every month will be scheduled for meetups.
  • People can contribute to the meetups.
  • Use the Meetup app to join.
  • The more people attend the more beneficial it will be.
  • The event team did a good job with the event.

Spread the word and join the meetup group and let’s move Trinidad and Tobago forward with technology.

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