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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Lasana Murray – Software Developer

How would you define a techie?

Personally, I never really cared much for the term.

Tell us about yourself (short bio)?

Managing Director at, I focus on making business easier through technology. Before that I was a computer operator and before that an accounting clerk.

How has tech improved your life?

Without the Internet I would probably be dead, in jail or about to be. Access to the Internet gave me the ability to get answers to questions no one around me could answer which is frustrating. It also kept me busy in a country that is not very forgiving for youth that make mistakes. I can safely say I’ve learned little from formal education and mostly from online resources and individual effort.

How did you get started in IT?

From the very first time I interacted with a computer I’ve been trying to figure out how everything works. That started in the late 90’s. I honestly could not understand how it was possible to press keys on a keyboard and see the letters on screen. Worse yet store the text on a floppy disk!? I don’t really consider myself an IT professional so I can’t really pinpoint a start for a professional career. I’m have always more or less sought out solutions for problems I come across.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad?

There are lot of things that look good on paper; eCommerce, computerized government services, a diverse manufacturing sector, improved health care services and more. Of course only actual implementation can tell us the effects. Regardless, the tech is there but the elephant in the room is our culture.

What’s the story behind your twitter handle @metasansana?

It’s a play on my name, Lasana, the meta part is a salute to the usefulness of meta data.

What are some things you look for in a good website?

Actual content and usefulness and absolutely no first landing modal pop ups!

What is your favourite emoji and why?

Don’t have one.

Explain Slack to someone using it for the first time?

IRC for the mobile app culture.

What tech would you like to own?

Everything Boston Dynamics develops.

Choose one, more RAM or more HD space on your current laptop?

More RAM any day. More RAM means more virtual machines.

The best advice you have received?

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so drink deeply”. Not sure of the source but came across it in a book on Voltaire.

Which person in tech would you like to meet?

No one in particular, I’m kind of my own fan. I appreciate good work though, whatever happens, happens.

What sports teams do you support?

No one in particular. When it comes to football I follow strategy rather than teams. FC Barcelona and the German national team have impressed. The current Italian squad is looking good too.

An analog clock reads 3:15. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand?

Huh? 0 degrees? I’m not good with riddles.

What tech event would you like to attend?

A bunch; Fluent, black hat, Health Care IT conference and more. I’m working on it.

How would you invest a million dollars?

Wisely. I’ll probably open some kind of school or research facility though. I’ll also spend more time in agriculture.

What future technology interests you?

Too many, these days I’m pondering machine learning combined with text to speech. The ability to have software parse news and blog articles and only read out the parts it thinks I would be interested is thrilling. Also the tech behind space exploration fascinates.

It’s 3AM on a Saturday Morning, what are you doing and why?

Definitely not leaving a club I can assure you. Probably sleeping, sleep is good.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Are you a leader of a follower?

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